Importance of Maintaining Scheduled Grease Trap Cleaning Service in Food Business

Back in 2013, The Environmental Protection Department, NY filed complaints against 15,000+ running restaurants of the metropolis with sewage backup complaint out of which 62% caused by FOGS buildup. Throughout America, wherever you have a food business, mind carefully that regular maintaining of grease traps is just not a concern for you to keep your plumbing system orderly ( draneranger.com/services/grease-grit-lint-traps ), maintain health of your kitchen environment or keep your customers contented with your quality policy and hygiene standard but, also to avoid facing huge penalty by authorities for violation of the rule.

So, considering grease trap devices as the most vital component of your kitchen, always hire professional grease trap cleaning service to facilitate essential FOGS disposal as per schedule that makes you kitchen efficient, protected, and striking. Say ‘No’ to choosing an amateur cleaning procedure usually done by kitchen staffs and look for a professional company that is prepared in all terms.

Guidelines to Reach Your Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Get Referral from Likeminded/ Go through Google Search

Getting referrals from owners or managers of restaurants having set up in the same municipal area is a great choice. On the other hand, take 24 hours assistance of Google to find grease trap cleaning service providers that are operational in your locality.

Browse Website

Check the websites of a few companies especially that boast high rating, check the range of services offered which is a sign of their business volume and expertise area and ensure how long they are in operation. Go through customer comments and verify if it’s certified with BBB. Better Business Bureau page can give you complete information about the company like date of commencement to business structure, client satisfaction rating and more. The certification also ensures you the reliability of the grease trap cleaning service group.

Visit the Company Personally

Being at the setting is a good choice to verify the standard of the company, whether it’s ‘one-man’ team or has a well-trained squad specialized in grease trap cleaning service? Talk to the manager or owner and check its special credentials, recognition, and certifications. Mind well, most service providing company ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ), those who are having such credentials love to hang them in the reception. On corporate notice boards, you can also find major clientele, etc.

Get an Estimate

If you are satisfied, invite them to your business place, discuss the type and volume of your food business to let them offer FOGS removal schedule with rates of services and other terms and conditions. You can check their rates and services with some equivalent company and thus, finalize with one.