Sheds in Stafford- A Guide on Different Styles of Sheds

A shed is a small, single-story roofed structure that is built in the backyard or garden. Sheds have been used by Stafford households for years to decorate the yards and storing items. Hence, in the market ( capitolsheds.com/Sheds/ ), you will easily find the builders who can build the different styles of sheds in Stafford for your house.

Today, we will look at the five most popular styles of sheds. Let’s start.

Gable Shed

Gable shed is the most commonly used shed. It is popular for its alluring visuals. It is made of the wood and has a gently sloping roof that meets in the middle of the unit. Both sides of the roof are of equal length and have an attractive ridge on the top. Gable shed provides enough space to store garage items, yard toys, tools, and equipment. If you're looking for adding an extra element of grace to your yard, there is nothing like Amish-crafted sheds in Stafford.

Gambrel Shed

Running short of space, gambrel shed is a right buy for you. Gambrel shed is a small structure with a steep roof. It provides significant headspace. You can build an attic in the shed and enjoys the extra storage capacity. You can store the yard items, tools, machinery, and equipment in this storage shed without cramping for the room. Also, this shed looks really good and adds to the beauty of the garden.

Lean-to Shed

This type of shed is quite popular in Stafford because it is easy to build, and an economical alternative. Lean-to shed is built on the existing wall of your home. You only have to build the remaining three sides of the shed. It can also be built as a freestanding structure.

Saltbox Shed

Saltbox shed is more popular for its decorative applications than the functional ones. In this type, one side of the roof is slightly shorter than the other side of the roof. However, the rest of the shape of the saltbox shed is similar to the gable shed. You can use this shed for storing items or as a play space for kids.

Combo Shed

In this type of the shed, one storage area is enclosed, and other is open. Combo sheds in Stafford are made of the wood and have a set of angled double doors. It provides a lot of storage space to store logs of wood, garage items, lawnmower, and other items.

So, these were the five most popular styles of sheds. If you have a yard or garden and do not have a shed in it or want to replace your older shed ( capitolsheds.com/aboutus ), you can choose any style of sheds in Stafford that you love. It will not only give the space for storing things but also adds to the overall appearance of the house.