Six Tips to Select Right Restaurant Point of Sale for Your Food Business

A restaurant point of sale can help streamline your operations and give you easy access to all important data. However, not all restaurant POS systems are made the same, and you need to be careful while selecting one. Here are a few things to look at when selecting a restaurant POS system.

Online Ordering

Today, a lot of customers like to order online from their favorite restaurant. The POS system should integrate with your website so that you can keep track of online and offline orders at the same time. Leading restaurant POS system offers integration with 3rd party services ( www.anywarepos.com ) that take the responsibility of delivering food to the customer. You can choose between any 3rd party services that would support online food ordering.

Online Reservations

If your restaurant allows table reservation, you would like a POS system that would help you keep track of tables and the servers you would need for reservation parties. Some POS systems designed for restaurants integrate with popular services like OpenTable that makes reservation management simpler for hotel staff.

Financial Tools

Today many small businesses use cloud accounting software like QuickBooks. You need to look for a restaurant point of sale which can integrate with such cloud accounting software and nullifies the need to manually input data which can be time-consuming and also prone to mistakes.

With easy integration with cloud financial software, it would be easy for restaurant owners to monitor their finances and also get detailed reporting of different financial aspects of the restaurant business.


You would be surprised to know that the POS that works to manage financial aspects of a restaurant business can also transform into live trivia devices that serve entertainment to your guests. Leading restaurant POSs come with integrated Buzztime that produces interactive entertainment across different platforms.

Inventory Tracking

The restaurant POS should offer real-time inventory tracking management that keeps account updates as dishes move out of the kitchen. Leading restaurant POSs allow restaurant managers to set alerts about replenishing inventory items when they reach a certain level.

Mobile Payments

Many customers prefer mobile payments like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. The restaurant POS you select should support mobile payments that will ensure convenience and quick payment options for customer and also help your restaurant generate revenue.

Some POS systems also allow placing orders directly from the point of sale system. You need to look for restaurant POS that comes with these features.

The restaurant point of sale puts the customer at the center of your business and simplifies the whole restaurant business by bringing everything important to one platform. Just pay attention to the things mentioned above, and you would be in a better position to take the right decisions.

Do you know any other important things that should be part of the restaurant POS? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment.