Custom Bathroom Vanities-Six Steps to Reach an Ideal One

Depending on the need of your family, a number of members, lifestyle, desire, and budget, with thoughtful planning and meticulousness, homeowners can go for custom bathroom vanities from renowned furnishings points. In order to make it personalized, you need careful consideration of various factors right from bathroom layout to the style of the countertop ( FoxDenDecor.com/custom-bathroom-vanities ), number and types of sinks, vanity accessories, etc. to make your vanity 100% purposeful and warmly. So, how to go about? Here are the steps

1. Consider Space and Layout

Before choosing the style, type, colors or fixtures, the essential factor is to determine the space available and layout. Even if, it is spacious, but due to odd layout, it might not be usable for any kind of vanity and which is why you need custom bathroom vanities. As per the thumb rule, the place where you like to place the vanity should have a total clearance of two vanity spaces to pass through side by side. Consider with the approach that while you’ll be using the space to wash and groom up, your kid or spouse can navigate to use the other sink. Depending on the layout, you can design L-shaped vanities which have become popular in master bath and ideal to make use of wall corner. However, for cramped space familiar horizontal vanity is a better choice.

2. Determine Number of Sinks

Before determining the number of sinks, you’ll require to ponder the vanity size and its style given that the space of vanity top typically houses the sinks you’re in need of. If space is a concern, homeowners should satisfy them with single sink; vanities smaller than 60 ‘’ are designed for a single sink. The sink can be accommodated in the middle or either side. If your bathroom space is roomy enough to accommodate vanity measuring over 60 inches and if your family unit is big, you should go for two sinks. For single or couples single sink is enough to meet their demand.

3. Go with the Style

Undeniably, when you invest in a vanity, no matter whether it’s single sink or a double one, it should be complementing to the interior or your bathroom and home. It depends on whether you will prefer a traditional type, an antique rustic wood vanity, or a trendy one. Uniformly, based on the space available, you can consider having a free standing vanity or wall mounted floating custom bathroom vanity for overall convenience. While choosing the type and style of vanity cabinet, it’s vital for you to decide on the amount of storage need for your family members. You can go for sliding door or closets with separate closers, cupboard with storage units of different sizes as per your storage need.

4. Find the Right Countertop

When it comes to the type of countertop, you can choose from varieties counting granite, marble, concrete, quartz, as well as the reclaimed solid wood top. Granite, quartz, and solid wood or hardwood countertops for vanities have been a popular choice nowadays.

5. Type of Sink

Determine if the type of sink from available drop-in, recessed and vessel or vanity mounted types. As drop-in sinks are a most popular choice, style-conscious people nowadays have started outfitting their custom bathroom vanities ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/blog ) with great looking vessel sinks made of natural stoned, hammered copper, stainless steel, or with country type bamboo finishing.

6. Fixtures
Fixtures embrace everything from cabinet hardware, mirror, faucets, lighting systems, etc. The design plan of your custom bathroom vanity drainage system should be well thought-out before placing an order.