Ten Things that You Should Always Carry in the Women’s Gym Tote

Check the list of the essentials that you should not miss packing in your gym bag ( livewell360/womens-tote-bag ). Keep this list handy and cross them off each morning when you have packed it in the women’s gym tote.

Ten essentials that should be packed in the women’s gym bag.

1. Water bottle – This is one of the essential items that you should have in your women’s gym tote. You should pack in an empty bottle that is reusable and that which can be refilled on the go.

2. Wipes – A good wipe before and after the workout keeps you fresh. So do not forget to pack the face wipes in your gym bag.

3. Energy bars- Be prepared with some snacks and energy bars to beat the hunger when you work out. These quick snacks can be munched anytime you feel hungry.

4. Tampons and pads- These are essential in your gym tote. You could start your periods in the gym and moving around could get you sweaty. So it pays to have pads and tampons handy in your gym bag.

5. A spare top – A set of the fresh top will truly be appreciated when you walk out of the gym after an intense workout session.

6. Deodorant – Prevent feeling stinky when you have a deodorant handy in your gym tote. Reapply it whenever you feel the need to.

7. Towel – Sweat is a nuisance and thus keeping a towel in your gym bag prevents the oily look on your face and keeps your hands sweat free. Have your own stash and avoid the rental fee.

8. Lip balm – Dry lips during a workout do not feel great, and this is something that you do suffer from. Keep your lips hydrated with the lip balm and reapply it before and after the workout session.

9. A pair of socks – Stash a pair of socks in your gym bag to avoid any accidents in the gym. Working out without socks is not comfortable.

10. Headphones – If you are among those who enjoy the workout session with some lively music then headphones are necessary. You could also keep a spare set of headphone in your gym bag ( livewell360/products ).

Forgetting the items that you should be carrying to the gym can mess your training. Avoid this mistake in the future and be well prepared before you hit the gym the next time.