Beat all your ageing blues with vampire facial

Every year, number of men and women undergo one or another cosmetic treatment to improve their appearance. Sometimes, it is the demand of the profession or sometimes it is simply a desire to bring that younger look back. Vampire facial in NYC ( https://www.genuineinjector.com/vampire-facial ), is one such cosmetic procedure that has become popular in recent years. It uses the patient’s own blood to induce growth factors in the skin for that youthful look, fighting against the process of ageing. It can rejuvenate the skin of any part of the body but it is often used for face, neck, and chest. Patient’s blood is extracted using the syringe and is separated into red blood cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Medical science uses PRP to treat injuries for its wound healing properties. Calcium chloride and other activators are mixed with PRP to prepare long lasting platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). Micro needles are then used to inject PRFM in the skin. These needles are smaller than even the hair, making it a painless process. Though skin is punctured at many areas for better plasma absorption but that is also less painful only leaving the treated skin little red for some time.

The total procedure of vampire facial in NYC takes around 30 minutes and gives amazing results within few hours of the procedure. The PRFM acts as a natural serum that increases the collagen production in the skin. It also increases the blood supply to the skin and indices the formation of new blood vessels. PRFM generates the fatty tissue that results in the formation of new cells and renewal of skin. All this helps in bringing the youthful appearance back in a natural manner. Since it involves the use of needles to puncture and inject the skin, the practitioner must be trained and certified, and devices must be FDA approved. If not done properly, it may induce serious infections and cause damage to the skin. Though FDA cannot approve of the cosmetic procedure but it does approve the devices and the needles used for extracting, preparing, and injecting the blood.

Vampire facial in NYC helps in various skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, neck lines, acne, melasma, lip lines, pore reduction, scar removal, and hyper pigmentation. Though anyone can opt for vampire facial, but it is not very effective on people with either advanced signs of ageing or less visible signs of ageing. It is preferred to consult the dermatologist before opting for it. People who are taking blood thinning or anti-inflammatory medicines are also barred from taking vampire facial ( https://www.genuineinjector.com/about-us ). Similarly, there are some post-facial precautions as well such as avoiding hot shower, steam rooms, whirlpool, and sauna for at least a week. No wonder why there is an increase in the number of people opting for vampire facial every year. It not only improves the appearance but also helps in various skin conditions.