Guide to Wechat Marketing

Does anyone know the world’s most popular social media platform’s biggest competitor? If someone has a strong interest in the Chinese market then one is already familiar with the name “Wechat.” It is the most popular app used by Chinese for various purposes ( adstochina.westwin.com/WeChat-Marketing ). By using the Wechat app, one can message someone, order a cab or food, top-your phone, money transfer, share one’s timeline, invest money in insurance or mutual fund, book a flight or train, etc.. The list is endless. It is a platform where you can do everything and anything in China.

Now we will dig deep into Wechat Marketing. It allows organizations and individuals to create official accounts in Wechat for promoting their brand or company. Anybody can follow these accounts and will receive push notifications at regular intervals. Their marketing strategy is to attract followers to your account, engaging the users actively and converting them into customers so that they can buy your products. There are three types of Wechat official accounts like enterprise accounts, service accounts and subscription accounts.

• The Service and the subscription accounts are mainly used for Wechat marketing while the Enterprise account used for internal working of the organizations.

• One must have a Chinese ID and a Chinese Business License for creating a Wechat official account. After setting up a account, one have to link the account to a particular for selling. There are two options for selling: Building a personal Wechat website or using the Wechat shopping platform.

Here we will discuss about the shopping platform for Wechat, which enables you to get started for less amount and in quick time. Building one’s personal website requires good knowledge and a good sum of money.

• There are some major players in Wechat shopping platform where one can get many services like mini-games, coupons, food –delivery, Wechat payment, CRM, etc. One has to pay different amount to the different players for availing the particular services.

• The next important thing is to create useful content for engaging the users. The content should be good on a consistent basis otherwise, the users can unfollow the service account or stop opening the subscription accounts. The ecosystem of Wechat emphasizes upon the services provided to the users.

• There should be video content, as the users prefer watching videos twice than reading articles. It can be a little bit expensive to create but it is worth it.

• For Wechat Marketing ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), One must post a message at the right time for maximizing efficiency. Write when there is less competition and there is availability of data about other accounts when they post the most. One can get free quality content from various sources and can re-share their content with your followers.

Increasing traffic on Wechat – there are three ways to generate traffic namely viral campaigns, key opinion leader advertising (KOL ads) and cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mile (CPM).