Fraternity fashion is everything about comfort with a sophistication touch

Fraternities mean friendship and friendship is about having everlasting fond memories. Let us do something memorable for the fraternity so that it can again revive the evergreen memory lanes of happy times in college. With various casual and formal events ( adamblockdesign.com/fraternity-apparel ), it is a little bit happy headache to choose the right fraternity apparel. The right clothing helps you in making a good impression among the fraternity. We can divide fraternity style in casual, semi-formal, and formal wear.

• Formal Wear – For fraternity events like dinners, fundraisers, etc. it is good to invest in a tuxedo or suit. With that, you also need a bow or tie, dress shoes, and cufflinks. Those in a tight budget can opt for different ties and dress shirts and can wear in all events. Have a pair of oxfords, as it will give you the option to choose navy, plain white or black socks.

• Semi-Formal Fraternity Apparel – Khakis should be in the top of the list of fraternity apparel. Wear khaki with blazers, sweaters, or shirts. One of the popular looks is to wear khaki with dark-colored plain sweatshirts and cotton shirts. Wear semi-formal style shoes or oxfords with slacks or khakis. You must pair your dress shirts with slacks. One has to wear in semi-formal wear for attending dinners, chapter events, interviews, etc. Colorful chino-style shorts with formal shirts are popular among men.

• Casual Wear – This type of fraternity apparel is cool and funky. Wear loose-fitting pants, fleece jackets, shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. You can also try chinos with jeans or polo t-shirts having crew necks. Wear your fave hoodie with dark colored jeans. When wearing casual wear, compliment with headbands, beanies, stylish sunglasses, and caps. Casual wear is one such type of fraternity apparel where there is no formal look. One can wear anything one wants. You can rock your look for daily campus events and hang out with anyone.

Some other things to consider for choosing fraternity apparel like sticking to your basics and do not look crazy by wearing lots of prints or colors at the same time. Sunglasses having a semi-formal or formal look are best for recruitment events and one can pair with formal short-shirt ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ). It is best to invest a few pairs of shoes for various events. In this way, one can save the expensive shoes from damages and only wear in selected events. Buy different style of tees to have a different casual look as only same tee or sweatshirt with jeans or chinos can be boring at times. Always try to change your taste but keep a look at the budget.