All you need to know about Invisalign

In present scenario, technology upgrades faster than ever and invisalign in Springfield is the example of advancement in medical technology ( dulacdds.com/invisalign ). People have now increased concern about their appearance and invisalign is gaining popularity faster than ever. It is the technology to straighten the teeth but without using braces which neither look good nor are comfortable to use. People with braces often find it difficult to eat, speak, and avoid smiling in public. Whereas, invisalign is not only invisible to others but feels like it is not even there. Invisalign uses the technology of 3D imaging to project tooth movement and gradually aligns the teeth over a period of time. It might look like a simple plastic denture similar to the teeth but it is a digital road map for teeth straightening. It can also give the glimpse of the final smile that the person will finally get.

Invisalign in Springfield requires a person to make more than one visit to the dentist but it works in naturally without disturbing the normal functioning of the teeth unlike braces. Aligner after aligner is used for natural straightening of teeth without putting extra pressure on gums or roots of teeth. Every other aligner advances from the previous one and each of them is worn for around a week. Not only invisalign are seamless but they do not obstruct in daily brushing and flossing either. Invisalign do not use any metal or wire and hence are painless, comfortable and do not affect the self-esteem of the person which sometimes happen with those who use braces. Unlike braces, these are not fixed and can be removed easily while eating or cleaning.

Sometimes teeth grow in different forms; sometimes they overlap each other while sometimes there is uneven gap. Invisalign in Springfield can correct even the complex straightening issues such as crossbite, open bite, overcrowding, gapped teeth, under bite and deep bite. Crossbite is the condition where one or more upper teeth bite on the lower teeth causing wear and tear to gums, teeth and the bone. The open bite is the condition where upper teeth do not meet with the lower teeth which may cause speech impairment and painful chewing. Overcrowding is another condition which may be corrected by invisalign. In this condition teeth are crowded above each other and cause faster plaque accumulation leading to tooth decay. Overcrowding gets worse with the time and lead to the crooked teeth. In gapped teeth gums are at more risk of periodontal diseases than teeth because of larger spaces between the teeth providing less support to the gums ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ). Similarly, under bite and deep bite are other conditions that can be treated by invisalign. In former the functioning of front teeth is interrupted causing painful chewing while in later condition it is the functioning of the lower teeth which is interrupted.