Top Interview Questions for a UI Developer

User Interface (UI) developers use design skills as well as front-end development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code functional and interactive websites and web applications. To implement these successfully, the UI developer ( vitamintalent.com/ui-developer-interview-questions ) must understand how users are likely to use the interfaces and how browsers work.

The job opportunities for UI developers are good, so if you are already in this field or are considering joining it, you can look forward to a well-paying, interesting, and long-term career option. Just remember to keep brushing up on your programming skills on a regular basis as this is also a rapidly changing career field.

What Interviewers Typically Look for in UI Developer Candidates

You should have solid design chops, and you must be strong in current development technologies.

Good communication skills are a must since many UI development projects take place in cooperation with UX designers, application developers, writers, and others. You must be able to succinctly explain what you are coding and how and why. You also need to be able to set your ego aside and accept feedback and criticism when your work warrants it.

In addition, you need to have an online portfolio to show the interviewers examples of your previous projects. If you are a newcomer to UI development, take some time to complete a few personal projects and have those at hand to show the interviewer. Along with your skills, it will demonstrate to them that you have the initiative, motivation, and discipline to work on self-directed projects. Given this, your lack of professional experience may not become a hindrance in landing a job.

Preparing for the UI Interview

Aside from compiling a portfolio of UI projects, prepare a list of the most commonly asked UI developer interview questions. Some of these are technical questions meant to test your knowledge of regularly used UI tools. Some may be questions to test your knowledge of the company you are interviewing with. Others are general questions that they may ask to evaluate your personality ( Vitamintalent.Com/What-We-Do ). Take some time to ponder over these and write down your answers. It will help you to be objective about your job expectations as well as your work skills, your motivations, and personal strengths.

Here are some commonly asked UI developer interview questions:

• What do you understand in Semantic HTML?

• What are the new features in HTML5 that the previous versions did not have?

• What is a CSS Reset?

• What are some of the attributes of the position property?

• What do you do to reduce page load time?

• What are the debugging tools that you use?

• How do you build a widget?

• Can you explain a grid system?

• How quickly can you learn a new technology?

• What do you like the most about being a UI Developer?

• What is your typical day like in UI development?

• What types of UI projects have you personally completed?

• If we hire you, what do you think you can contribute to our company?