Six Ways a Temp-To-Hire Agency Can Benefit Your Business

The right employees are an essential part of a company to succeed. Many times poor hiring decisions have far-reaching consequences. A temp to hire agency is a useful option for an employer. Temp to hire is a working arrangement where employees are hired on a temporary basis ( Vitamintalent/Temp-to-hire-agency ). This arrangement is made to test recruits to see whether they are perfect for the company or not.

Here are some benefits to working with a temp-to-hire an agency:


Temp-to-hire agencies have an extensive database of candidates and they are aware of the current market trend. Temp-to-hire agencies have the experience, connection, and skill to evaluate candidates on your behalf.

Lower the risk of a bad hire

A bad hire is not limited to a lack of skill alone. There are several other factors responsible for it. For example, negative attitude, non-cooperation with colleagues, being late etc. These are not reflected in a candidate’s CV. Temp-to-hire agency screen candidates for behavioral and soft skills to ensure they are a good cultural fit for the organization. You will find the employee ready for the industry as the agencies also provide training to candidates as per the industry demands. This certainly reduces the risk of a bad hire.

Less Footwork

When you hire a temp-to-hire agency, you don’t need to create a job description and advert through different channels. There are several processes like checking qualifications, reference check etc. which are time-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork. Before taking an employee on board, all the papers related to final recruitment and formalities are done by these staffing agencies.

Cost saving

When you hire a temp-to-hire agency, it saves cost for the company. Companies do not require spending funds for checking the background of an employee. Moreover, some projects run for a short time and hiring a temporary employee is beneficial for the company as it saves cost. Your organization can save costs on paid leaves, retirement and medical benefits until the employee is offered a permanent position.

Time to assess new recruits

The company gets time to assess the recruits. Since they are employed by the staffing agencies, the employer does not have the pressure to make a candidate permanent. If the temporary employee is not fit for the job, you can ask for the replacement employee from temp to higher agencies ( Vitamintalent/What-we-do ) without worrying about the legal aspect.

Flexibility helps to grow

Temp-to-hire working arrangement is beneficial for both workers and employees. It gives the flexibility to an employee to hone their skill and the employer to get staff as per their need.

Every company has different agendas, work schedules, and business strategies. To run it successfully and make a mark in the industry, one needs to be consistent. Using temp-to-hire agency reduces risks and maximizes the chance to stay competitive.

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