Benefits of Using Maternity Girdles Post Childbirth

Maternity girdles are among the most sought after shape wear. Also known as postpartum girdle, the garment is a boon to new mothers who are on the lookout for a solution to reduce their post – baby tummy. Maternity girdles ( bellefit.com/Maternity-girdle ) are a type of abdominal compression garment, used medically to offer support and help abdominal muscles tone up faster, after childbirth. Here are 9 benefits of using a postpartum girdle.

1. Maternity girdles are recommended by doctors and hence are reliable. Medical professionals and experts worldwide look up to this product as the solution for new mothers to get back to shape in the least possible time and with minimum effort.

2. Postpartum girdles provide support to the pendulous abdomen after pregnancy. The compression offered by the garment helps the abdominal muscles regain their original shape and tone up better, helping women gain a more contoured body.

3. The support offered by the girdle not only helps the abdomen, but also the spine. It helps straighten the spine that may have undergone postural changes through the nine months of pregnancy. This in turn helps correct postures while performing different activities.

4. The right amount of compression offered by postpartum girdles prevents enlargement of fatty cells. This technique is similar to girdles used for post - operative purposes, especially abdominal liposuction. Sans the girdle, the fatty cells have a tendency to grow and hence make women look fat and bloated after delivery.

5. Maternity girdles help the uterus regain its shape in shorter time. The expansion undergone by the uterus during pregnancy can be reversed with the help of abdominal compression. Using a girdle for this purposes brings down drastically, the time required for the uterus to contract to its original form.

6. Postpartum shapewear aids in performing every task with ease. The compression and support offered by the garment makes movement easier and more comfortable than with a bloated tummy or an unsupported spine. This effectively alleviates the aftermath of overweight belly post childbirth.

7. Girdles are a great option for lymphatic drainage. Using them after delivery helps decrease the risks of fluid collection and thereby reduces swelling; found commonly in women after delivery. Using maternity shape wear also alleviates bloating.

8. Maternity girdles are usually prescribed to women after childbirth, especially if they have undergone a C – section. This garment however, is equally useful for women who have undergone Hysterectomy, Diastasis-Recti etc. It is more so advisable after the birth of the second or third child, even in case of a normal delivery; to help abdominal muscles tone up faster.

9. The use of maternity shape wear, more than anything else, boosts the confidence of new mothers. It aids women emotionally as it helps them to get back to shape quickly and easily after a life changing, and often, an overwhelming experience.