Five Different Ways of Tattoo Removal in Miami

So how to remove a permanent tattoo and what are the different ways of tattoo removal in Miami? Let’s find out.

Five Different Ways of Tattoo Removal

1. Surgical Removal

In this method, a surgeon will remove the tattooed skin and cover it up with a skin graft. In skin grafting, a piece of skin is removed from elsewhere on your body and transplanted on the area where the tattoo is removed.

In this process first of all your surgeon will apply the numbing cream on the area under treatment and then use the scalpel to remove the tattooed skin ( fametattoos.com/tattoo-removal ), and finally applied the skin graft on the botched tattoo area to completely cover the tattoo. It is the permanent method of tattoo removal but has many side effects.

2. Laser Removal

It is one of the most popular methods of tattoo removal in Miami due to its non-invasive nature but has many drawbacks. It is a painful, slow, and expensive method of tattoo removal. In laser removal, your dermatologist first applies the numbing cream on the area to be treated. A laser beam will be directed on the tattooed area to break the pigment. It requires 6 to 10 session to completely fade the tattoo depending on the size and color of the tattoo. After each session, extensive aftercare is required to minimize the side effects of the treatment.

3. Non-laser Removal

In this process, a tattoo removal cream is used for removing the tattoo. It is a painless, cost-effective, and least damaging method of tattoo removal in Miami. A tattoo removal cream made of natural substances is used for removing the tattoo. There are no side effects of this procedure.

4. Dermabrasion

In this method, your doctor will numb the skin and removes the top layer of the skin using high-speed sanding device. It is painful and less effective than laser removal and surgical removal. After dermabrasion, your skin will be sore for two weeks and require two to three week to heal completely.

5. Natural Removal

This is the best method of tattoo removal, but results are not guaranteed. In this method, lemon juice and salt are used to remove the tattoo. A mixture of lemon juice is applied to the tattooed area and skin is rubbed using cotton ( https://www.fametattoos.com/blog ), and then covered for 30 to 60 minutes to absorb the mixture. After that skin is washed with warm water. It takes a few months to get rid of the tattoo completely.

So, these are the five different ways of tattoo removal. If you are looking for tattoo removal in Miami, you can choose any of the above methods as per your budget and desired results.