The Importance of Wastewater Lift Station

Wastewater lift station or sewage lift station is an economical method of moving sewage from lower to a higher elevation to transfer the liquid waste into the sewage line ( draneranger/services/lift-station ). The lift station is essential for the municipal sewage system to function effectively and smoothly. It is an inexpensive and practical choice as it reduces the cost of constructing a sewage system.

Lift Station Equipment and System

The pump station or lift station includes motors, grinder pump, wet well or wastewater receiving well, floats, pipes, alarm system, equipment control panel, and power supply system.

Submersible wastewater lift stations are in popular use today due to health and safety concerns. Moreover, submersible lift stations are small and less visible. It tends to blend easily with the environment as it has small structures above the ground. It functions effectively without recurrent maintenance, and it is also priced at a lower rate compared to the other lift stations.

Steel lift stations tend to last for more than 15-20 years which is satisfactory in most cases. It is essential to use high-quality pump systems for efficiency and durability of the lift station. Regular maintenance is also essential for the smooth and effective functioning of the system.

Wastewater lift stations in Houston function effectively when professionals maintain it regularly. However, problems can erupt anytime, and it must be dealt with it immediately. It is wise to call in the professionals when you face a sewer problem. So how do you know when to call in the pros for your lift station?

Some Important Signs

Strong bad odor

A strong bad odor from your sump outdoors or bathrooms indicates an underlying problem with your drainage system. It is important to call in professional sewage cleaning services immediately for your wastewater lift station in Houston.

High-level alarm

When a high-level alarm sounds, it is an obvious sign that your lift station has an underlying problem. It indicates either that your pump has no power to pump at a high rate or that it is not working at all.

Slow drainage

When drains slow down, it is an indication that there is an underlying problem. It may be unnoticeable in the beginning, but it becomes obvious when the problem aggravates. Call in the professionals to unclog the drain as quickly as possible.

Water backups

Sewage backup occurs when there is a block or a pump failure in the wastewater lift station ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ). Troubleshooting seldom works in these scenarios. It is ideal to call in the team of professionals for quick and effective results.

Repair and Maintenance is Indispensable

Maintenance of wastewater lift station is crucial when pump stations become ineffective or fail to function properly. Repairs and maintenance are inevitable when your sewage systems are old. Instead of procrastinating repairs and maintenance, seek the assistance of professionals for the safe and effective functioning of lift stations.