4 Best Fun Team Building Activities that You Must Explore

Teams that work together are more productive, effective, and successful. Hence, organizations must focus on conducting team building activities in frequent intervals.

There are many team building activities; some are fun and some boring.

Team building activities that have a fun element helps employees in several ways. These activities help in relieving stress, refreshes mind and help them learn problem-solving skills in an entertaining way.

So, here we are going to tell you about 4 fun team building activities ( http://roomescapeadventures.com/about/ ) that really work.

1. Live Escape Rooms

Live escape rooms come with the best team building activities with live real action adventure games.

In these games 3 to 8 people are locked in a room with hidden objects and clues. Team members have to work together to find the clues, solve riddles and puzzles that help them escape from the room.

And, the team has to solve puzzles and riddles within an hour or specified time which leads to opening of a door.

The time limit of the games creates urgency while the mental challenges in the games force the team to play together. The concept of these games does wonders for players who lack self-confidence. Forcing them to contribute to team’s success is a great way to enhance self-esteem.

2. Zombie Escape

The Zombie Escape game has a fun and a thrill element combined together. Before starting the game, one of the team members who play Zombie is tied with ropes in the room allowing one-foot leeway.

Once the games start, the ropes are restrained every 5 minutes, allowing Zombie to move further by one foot. The players are required to solve a series of puzzles and find clues that will help them find the key to the door. They have to act fast and escape the room before it’s too late.

3. Scavenger Hunt

The purpose of the Scavenger Hunt game is to force the team to work together.

The team is divided into equal groups and each group is sent to find hidden items inside the room. The game has a time limit. The ultimate goal of each team is to bring most of the items back within a given time limit.

The Scavenger hunt game comes with different themes and including a variety of clues and tips to make the hunt more creative and force players to work together.

4. Shrinking Vessel

You will need a blanket, rope, and marker to mark space on the floor. The number of players in this team building activity ( http://roomescapeadventures.com/team-building/ ) is a matter of your choice. As time passes, the space shrinks and there is no room left for individuals in the group. The team members have to get creative to accommodate in shrinking spaces. Having one team member ride over another is one of the options.

The above list of team building activities offers dual advantages. Besides the entertainment and the fun elements, these activities promote creative thinking and teamwork that makes employees ready to face any problem in the corporate environment.