Digital Marketing: Guidelines to Make it a ‘Hit.’

In a number of surveys, it has been established that China has developed into the biggest and more lucrative marketplace for business enterprises from the West. China with a population counting 1.4 billion boasts a digital market size worth of 292.78 billion RMB as of 2017 and has remarkably attracted the foreign business counterparts to attain its high market potential showing a consistent and highest growth rate worldwide. Importantly, out of its internet market size, nearly 65% goes to mobile ads, and this rate is also leaping faster.

The fact file must sound pretty great for any dynamic business entrepreneur like you to consider digital marketing in China ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/ ). In the drive, however, the first blockade you’re likely to encounter is the Great Firewall of China by which the Chinese Government has banned all foreign search engines and sites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others.

You will experience the Chinese consumers to identify a company’s authenticity or whether or not to shop from the online site depending on its presence in the nation’s largest search engine and advertisement platform Baidu or fastest growing social sites like WeChat and Weibo. Without being equipped with a prominent digital market agency, however, getting registration in Baidu, WeChat, and Weibo is nothing but a fantasy for foreign companies. A registered Chine agency can help you enter and flourish the arena of digital market in Chine in three different ways:

Search Engine Optimization

You’re aware that SEO is the most affordable, steady and dependable digital marketing tool to optimize your corporate website and posts making them likable to search engines. Similar to the popularity of Google in the West, in China, 72% of search queries counting nearly 600,000,000 are responded every day by Baidu. As said above, with a view to making your digital marketing in China a success, you simply cannot disregard the high traffic of Baidu to reach your target audience. Your digital marketing expert will help you attain higher ranking in SERPs, backed by specialized techniques and tools and accordingly help to drive the organic traffic to your web page.

Social Media Marketing

For more than a decade, the globally spread digital market has recognized the great prospective of social media marketing, which is why, you have a presence in Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and more. Now while in China, you need displaying your products or services in the two foremost social media sites including Weibo and WeChat. Considering the ever-increasing trend of mobile users, you must think of investing for a professionally developed responsive website that can work on every digital media spontaneously without any glitch. Contextually, once more consider the huge mass of internet users in mainland China and more than 50% of them are connected to social sites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Baidu PPC

To optimize product and service, a steady way is to prepare with PPC campaign whereas you need paying a certain amount as determined by Baidu on every click on your page by consumers. Being the largest search engine, Baidu Adwords can help you get maximum as well as quality traffic to your site similar to Google Adwords. In making your great enterprise to digital marketing in China ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), a success story Baidu’s SEM can provide you the utmost mileage if efficiently handled by expert agencies.