Must-Know UX Design Interview Questions that You Should Know

User Experience (UX) designers are the folks that help make a website easier to access and to use for its visitors. They carry out in-depth research to gauge how users will potentially use a website and they plan for all contingencies. They also conduct market research to discover the types of designs that are most likely to appeal to the public, and they incorporate the company’s marketing strategy into the overall design.

When mapping a website design ( vitamintalent.com/blog/ux-designer ), they will take content development into account and make sure that the design stands up well to product prototyping and product testing. In the course of their design work, they will coordinate with writers, illustrators, web developers, programmers, other designers, and project managers.

If this is a career that you find interesting and you have an interview scheduled for a UX design position, it will be best to prepare for it in advance. Update your portfolio with your latest and best work samples and compile a list of potential interview questions.

The Most Commonly Asked UX Designer Interview Questions

• Why did you decide to become a UX designer?

• Do you think UX design matters and, if so, in what way?

• Can you briefly explain interaction design?

• Can you tell me what you know about information architecture?

• Can you tell me about the difference between information architecture and interaction design?

• What, in your opinion, will be the state of UX design 5 years from now?

• How do you plan out your work process when working on a UX design project?

• How do you carry out user research to make your website design more viable?

• What are some of the latest skills you have learned to improve your capabilities as a UX designer?

Reasons UX Design Interviewers Ask These Questions

Interviewers ask these and other questions to test your technical knowledge as well as to gauge if you have the passion and drive to thrive in the UX design industry. They also want to get to know you as a person, because, if the company hires you, they will be working with you. It will bode well for you if you come across as a person that has a strong work ethic and is easy to get along with. Keep in mind that UX design projects are collaborative in nature and you will be working with many different personalities. It is important to be mature and well-adjusted enough to get along well with your teammates and colleagues without any major conflicts.

As a UX designer, you are not likely to face any shortage of work opportunities in the industry. There will, however, be plenty of competition from talented designers ( vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ). If you want to stay ahead in the game, you must keep tabs on current trends and update your skills on a regular basis. It will also help to network widely within the industry, both to understand how the industry works and to know about new work opportunities as they become available.