Liquid Painting Service Vs. Powder Coating or Plating

Thankfully, with the presence of most up-to-date methods of metal finishing procedures, today’s professional coating service providers are outfitted with an array of coating technologies including electroplating, power coating and liquid painting services ( sun-glo/liquid-painting-service ). As powder coating and electroplating have gained high popularity with their excellent performance to accept environmental challenges, the demand of liquid painting is still at its place over the centuries.

Importantly, the special attributes of long-established wet painting solution make it a matchless choice to industrial painters which cannot be accomplished by powder coating or electroplating solutions. Simply put, when industries look for diversified color options, thin and smooth coating, like the gigantic automobile industry, home appliance, it’s none, but liquid painting service appears being one and only solution. Similarity, changing of colors is not realistic with powder coating and electroplating whereas wet painting can be changed for multiple times without any hassle. Due to greater flexibility, liquid painting nowadays often blended in stores backed by a computerized mechanism to get custom color specification.

Painting Procedure

Even if the approach of liquid painting procedure remains relatively the same that has had followed decades back, equipped with high tech settings, sophisticated sprayer guns, heating systems and know-know the industry is quite rich to offer finest coating options to customers today. The super-thin wet coating produces a film of 15-20 micros. Major industries that look for liquid painting service include automobile, home appliances, aviation, transport, defense, medical devices, decorative and others.

Major Benefits of Liquid Painting

Simplicity of Procedure

Opposed to power coating or electro-deposition methods that are dependent on static electrification based dry power deposition and automated heating or electrifying of paint to let it stick to the metal substrate respectively, the liquid painting procedure is fairly simple. The simplicity of the process and minimum setup makes the process affordable painting means to industrial users and customers.

Ample Color Options

Companies specialize in liquid painting service can offer extensive color options, unique shades and individualized paint finishes that they look for. Some of the top popular painting options of liquid painting include polyurethanes, silicone, acrylics, polyester and more. This variety is simply unachievable when it comes to powder coating or e-deposition.

Smooth Finishing

In reality, when consumers look for silky, zero-textured, thin, and shiny finishes of their products, the market has no other option but to offer a wet painting solution. Wide color options, velvetiness with no texture and polished look are some of the great attributes of liquid painting that makes it ever popular to the automobile, home products, and decorative industries.

Super Thin Coat

Powder coating is often considered less wasteful than liquid painting services since it needs one-time application only whereas liquid painting demands more coating to bring consistency of color ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ). On the contrary, by nature liquid paint that offers thin films measuring max 20 micron establishes that even if more coats are required with skilled labors, they can come economically to its users.

Easier Masking

Consider the need of masking which is often demanded on basic color coat. In electro-deposition or powder coating, masking is not only costly but also challenging too. In the similar way, altering of color or touch up of damage areas is easy achievable when it comes to traditional liquid painting service.