Importance of Preventive Air Conditioning Service in Houston

One of the most common reasons that people suffer for poor AC performance is due to not having regular maintenance. Unless their air conditioner emits strange noise, foul odor or hot air they hardly understand the importance of smooth running of their air conditioner. Perhaps you’re not aware that while an AC appears to be operating nicely, without having maintenance, it virtually losses 8%-10% of its efficiency yearly.

And this loss of efficiency not only toll on their monthly electricity bill but on the essential parts of the cooling machine which can easily be avoided with scheduled air conditioning service in Houston ( Priorityacpro.com/Air-Conditioning-Services ). How can you ignore the high impact of voltage fluctuations, vibration, temperature swings, dirt, and insects on your air conditioner that it encounters while serving your family with cool air supplies?

Essential Parts of AC Need Services

AC filters

One of the essential parts AC filters needs routine cleaning or replacement to optimize the efficiency of the appliance. Clogged filters with dirt hinder the normal flow of air and reduce the system’s efficiency to a great extent. With untreated filters, dirt particles often reach the evaporator coil and thus impair its heat-absorbing ability. With regular cleaning and needed replacing of the filter air conditioning service in Houston can lower your AC’s energy consumption nearly 5% to 20% a year.

Air conditioner coils

The evaporator coil and condenser coil of AC also collect dirt over the years even if the filter is cleaned and defends them as a guard. Not only dirt absorption reduces airflow but also affects the ability of the coil to absorb heat as well. With expert air conditioning service in Houston, you can effectively avoid the problem and keep the evaporator coil cleaned from all dirt and debris collected by the coils and fins.

Coil Fins

Often coil fins made of aluminum located on evaporator and condenser get twisted causing blockage of standard airflow. With needed fixing or replacements that things can back into normal condition.

Condensate Drains

Blockage of condensate drain channels, another essential part of the air conditioner is a very common issue faced by homeowners. It causes reduced humidity resulting in excess moisture that can discolor and damage the surrounding walls.
All major parts of the equipment require routine air conditioning service in Houston that helps them to run reliability, efficiently and last longer.

Key Advantages of Regular AC Maintenance

 The cooling machine recovers its lost efficiency;

 Chances of a major and costly breakdown in summer will get reduced;

 Lifespan and efficiency of the units will be prolonged;

 Your family comfort level never gets harmed;

 Energy consumption of the unit lessons;

Equipped with yearly maintenance contract with air conditioning service in Houston, you can get expert services from well-trained technicians from time to time. Aside from providing necessary maintenance services, they can prevent your machine from potential problems and also fix various issues that come up in the meantime. Typically, the set of services provided by them with maintenance contract includes:

 Verify if the volume of refrigerant is adequate or not;

 Check refrigerant leaks, if any with leak detector and fix as per necessity;

 Check duct and seal duct leakage, if any and fix if necessity;

 Assess the amount of airflow via the evaporator coil;

 Make sure that the heating and cooling systems are operating as per order;

 Inspect all electrical terminals, check connectors, clean, and tighten them, as per necessity use a non-conductive coating

 Oil motors, check belts and ensure that the tightness is in order

 Check the effectiveness of the thermostat.