Greek Apparel: Three Trends to Follow this Season

Greek apparel is an indispensable part for most students during their college or university life. Many custom apparel and lifestyle companies offer a wide range of Greek clothing for use among fraternity and sorority members. These clothing items represent not just your affinity or membership with a Greek organization, but also your style sensibilities. No wonder that online retailers of Greek apparel ( adamblockdesign/greek-apparel ) carry trendy designs that are representative of what’s hot in the custom-wear market as well as in fashion runways. These designs change with fashion cycles, much like other items of clothing and accessories. Here’s a look at the top three trends that are ruling Greek apparel this season.

# 1 - Wanderlust

The wanderlust theme resonates with the spirit for travel and adventure. The designs primarily revolve around mountains, deserts, rivers, wild animals, plants and foliage, galaxies, dreamcatchers, or just any scenery that brings out your adventurous side. The theme is a favorite also because being a part of a fraternity or sorority is an adventure and such motifs or designs bring out the free-spirited vibe like no other. The theme is typically used as a monochrome silhouette or multicolor graphic prints in large sizes across the front of t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, and so on.

# 2 - Foil Prints

Foil prints made their entry earlier last year, and it looks like the trend is here to stay for a while. Such designs impart a metallic sheen to an otherwise matte-looking print with one or more colors. Almost any motif, pattern, or design can be printed with the foil finish but looks best on lettering or large geometrical designs that bring out the sheen of the foil to the maximum. Golden colored foil prints are the most popular, followed by silver. However, it is possible to print foils in other hues like red, blue, pink, green, etc. should you like to add a colorful twist to the metallic finish.

# 3 - Artist and music

Thanks to more musicians and artists releasing their personal line of merchandise, Greek apparel now gets a ‘musical’ makeover. Simple graphic tees with designs of musical instruments, international tours and festivals, vintage album covers, old rock bands, and many others are also making waves at fraternity and sorority events like bid days, recruitment drives, sisters’ week, retreats, Founder’s Day, and so on. From simple monochrome lettering to elaborate multicolor graphics with artist faces and images, the theme lets you make the maximum of your creative potential. Like wanderlust, the musical theme is best used on tops like tees, shirts, pullovers, and sweaters.

If you have an event coming up within your Greek organization, stay on top of trends with the above-mentioned themes and designs. Explore choices with a Greek apparel ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ) manufacturer to create custom sorority or fraternity clothing. Place the order online, sit back, and relax as your customized clothing gets made and shipped to you.