How to Maintain Your Grease Traps Efficiently

Commercial restaurant owners understand the significance of maintaining the grease traps of their kitchens. No doubt, large commercial kitchens produce an enormous amount of food every day, which leads to the production of grease. This grease gets collected in the traps to ensure that it does not block the main sewer lines. However, it is important to clean the grease traps frequently. Failure to keep the grease traps clean can wreak havoc on the system and affect business in the end. You can hire a professional grease trap cleaning service ( draneranger.com/grease-grit-lint-traps ) occasionally to clean and maintain these traps.

Ways to Maintain Grease Traps Easily

Reduce the amount of grease

One of the best ways to avoid grease trap blockage is to reduce the amount of grease flowing into the trap. Clear the dishes properly of solid waste and food products before you clean it in the sink. It is easier to clean and maintain a Grease trap when you reduce the total amount of grease that you put down the trap. You can also prevent frequent hassles caused due to grease blockage in this way.

Never put trash in the trap

Grease traps should never be used to dump waste such as straws, plastic cups, paper products, and other such items. It is important to remember that these items are not meant to be disposed of in the grease traps. Most grease trap-cleaning services often remove such items from the traps, which can lead to backups and other costly hassles in the system. It could also lead to a temporary shutdown of the restaurant. Therefore, it is important to train your restaurant staff to dispose of waste properly.

Cleaning grease traps regularly

Cleaning and maintaining the grease trap regularly is quite important. Hire a licensed grease trap cleaner to clean and pump the system. When more than 25% of the liquid level in the trap contains oil or grease, it is time to clean the traps. Another notable sign is the awful odor that emancipates from the trap. The buildup of grease in the trap will eventually start to smell and overlooking the bad odor can prove to be a costly affair. The smell can spread from the kitchen to the restaurant, leaving a bad impression.

Moreover, cleaning a grease trap becomes difficult when it is not cleaned for a long time. The grease will thicken and stick to the walls of the tank and make it difficult to clean it completely and properly. Build up of grease can also affect the tanks and connecting pipes. It releases poisonous gases such as sulfuric acid, which can damage even steel and concrete pipes.

When you notice signs of blockage or a foul smell from the grease traps ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ), it is time to call a professional grease trap cleaning service. These professionals ensure that your grease trap remains clean and block-free with regular maintenance.