Ultimate Guideline to Make Your Baidu SEM a Real Success

With the highest revenue potential in the search engine market in China, crossing nearly 20.384 billion YUNs in 2018, Baidu has once again established why it has been recognized as the No1. Search engines and advertisement platforms in the digital era. As of day, the Chinese leading search engine enjoys 80% of total market share while Sogou and 360 Search hold a stake of 6.63% and 3.27% respectively. In a nutshell, the nation’s largest tech giant has dominated its counterparts while influencing the daily life of the Chinese nation with its immense community, e-commerce, and leisure services.

Thus, when it comes to Baidu SEM ( adstochina.westwin.com/search-engine-marketing ), which works similar to Google AdWords, to ensure productive search engine marketing in China, it is vital for enterprises to maintain quality SEO, informative contents, participate in promotional events and to stick to the standard rules and regulations as framed by Baidu. Given that, the quality score is the key determining factor of what you pay for PPC or how high your ad gets its ranking; your Baidu SEM endeavor happens to be most rewarding at the point where you pay the lowest PPC and earns the highest ad ranking. Thereby, enjoying the highest quality score should be your target and to make it done, consider the following points with diligence.

Effective SEO

SEO and Baidu SEM often cited as the two sides of a coin, when properly implemented can produce a magical result in your digital marketing endeavor. Being the keystone of a successful SEM, effective SEO backed by proper use of right keywords, resourceful backlinks, contents, etc., and best techniques your sponsored ad enjoys a better space to get displayed at the top of search results. Nonetheless, when targeting a market like China where you don’t have access to your existing digital marketing tools, consider working with an SEO specialist in China.

Quality Content

Contents should be customer engaging, informative and must not be boring to your valuable Chinese readers. Chinese audience simply dislikes reading tiresome posts while the regular update of blogs, latest news, and reasonable advertising information can boost customer experience, which is a key concern to Baidu’s search engine.

Participation in Forums

More often than not, Chinese customers spend considerable time to go through forum reviews, given that they trust on remarks of different consumers particularly those who belong to the same class of the society. Consider effective use of popular Chinese social media sites like WeChat, Weibo, etc. and by inspiring your consumers to post their positive comments in the forum can make wonder to minimize Baidu PPC with improved quality score and optimize your product advertisement in Baidu SEM.

Involving in Q&A Sessions

Active involvement in Q&A discussion sessions and displaying them on social sites or in the form of web videos can boost your brand reputation to the Chinese audience. Interviewing users about their product experience and answering their queries makes your merchandise/ services reliable in the market. This positive impression works amazingly to please the search engine Baidu ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) while considering your quality score or ranking your page, which is the key to Baidu SEM success.

Joining Popular Events

Ideally, a great concept to build a brand reputation is to participating in promotional schemes, exciting events, offering lucky draws, or using the scope of viral promotions, etc. Because your brand finds, increased recognition in Chinese customers and your posts get more and more clicks from quality customers interested to know about your product and use them in their daily life, that automatically leverage your quality score.