Sought –After Methods for Tattoo Removal Without Laser Technique

Whether it is a bad technique, the name of your ex-lover or for other various reasons, people tend to change their minds for a tattoo that they once used to adore. Tattoos are not only a medium of expressing ourselves, but in some cultures, they are a rite of passage. Removing tattoos can be painful as well as costly depending on the age and size of the tattoo, so not everyone has the resources to consult a professional. Before making an appointment to get your tattoo removed with laser surgery, follow the below-mentioned steps for tattoo removal without laser ( tattoovanishmethod.com/tattoo-vanish-best-tattoo-removal-method ) techniques. These are the sought-after methods for removing the tattoo permanently.

Dermabrasion Method – Here, the skin is scraped from the tattoo for removing the pigmentation. This is a surgical method, and it costs a minimum of thousand dollars depending on the size. If you want to do at home, do with extreme caution. First, the area should be moistened with warm cloth. Then put a half cup of salt on the area. Now rub the salt on the skin with the cloth. After some time the area would become raw, and bleeding would start. Now quickly wash the salt and dip a new cloth in hydrogen peroxide. Dab the area for preventing infection, rub with vitamin E oil and finally cover the area with medical gauze until a scab is formed. When the scab starts falling, the ink would start to fade and repeat the above process when necessary. Vitamin E oil has been used for speeding up the healing process, helps in reducing the scar tissue, inflammation, as well as pain. The salt worked as an exfoliating agent thereby removing multiple layers of skin when combined with water and rubbed onto the skin. Hydrogen peroxide acts as an antiseptic, which is crucial if you are following this technique at home.

Abrasive Scrubs – This technique is best suited for those having high pain tolerance. Applying the scrub is very effective, but it can cause scarring and high pain. Make a paste of sanding powder and aloe vera carbamide peroxide gel and apply on the affected area. Then with pumice stone rub the area gently for a minute. Repeat the process thrice a day for one month.

Chemical Peel – This is one of the best methods for tattoo removal without laser ( Tattoo Vanish ) surgery. Make a mixture of equal quantities of natural aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and apricot scrub. By using a q-tip, dab the mixture on the tattooed portion in a gentle circular motion. Allow it to soak for five minutes and wash with cold water. Repeat the process four times a day for a minimum one-month and the ink would start fading. Depending on the brightness of colors, age and the size of the tattoo, this method takes a little longer than other methods.