Tulip Table: A Timeless Furniture

Designed by Saarinen, this table has stormed the decor world. Though like in the case of any genius, Saarinen’s work did not get as much accolade initially as it got later. And even today, the tulip table ( slkhome.com/collections/dining-tables ) is very well appreciated in American homes and the preferred choice of buyers who want an authentic table for their homes.

So why should you purchase a tulip table for home? There are many reasons to buy a one. But before we look at that, first, have a brief look at what exactly is tulip table.\

A genuine tulip table is made of the cast aluminum base finished in black, white or platinum with marble tabletop. Tabletop is either in round or oval shape and available in different sizes. You can choose the design and size of tabletops depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Tulip table is ingenious addition to any home. Let’s have a look at why you should buy one for your home.

Provide ample space for legs

This is what a tulip table is designed for. Tulip table provides ample leg space. Saarinen said: “The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs. I wanted to make the chair all one thing again.” This was the philosophy behind the unique, ergonomic and sleek design of tulip table. Tulip table keeps things from getting crowded under the table. And more importantly, it does not consume too much space and provides enough space for four to six people.

A great home decor

Tulip table is a versatile piece of furniture. The sleek design of the tulip table allows it to seamlessly blend with aesthetics. Tulip table is great home decor. Tabletop is made of the natural Italian marble that looks beautiful, and can easily enhance the appearance of any space. You can also add the sleek and minimalist tulip chairs with tulip table to have a modern dining set. You can also create the focal point in the vivid room by combining it with more stylish elements.

Last for ages

Pedestal base of a tulip table is made of one piece of aluminum, and marble tabletop is resistant to scratching and chipping. Hence, your tulip table is going to last for ages. More importantly, tulip table ( slkhome.com/pages/shipping-returns ) is very easy to maintain and not affected by the weather changes. Unlike a wood table, you don’t have to spend a few extra bucks every few years on its maintenance.

So these are three key reasons why you should purchase a tulip table for your home.