Top Tips to Buy Your Custom Area Rugs

Rugs, carpets, or mats are used extensively as essential accessories in every household with a view to adding a special splash of color to its rooms, patio, entryway, and other places. Apart from enhancing the attractiveness of the space where they sit, using the rugs appears handy to protect the floor, staircases of any home. Nowadays, fashion conscious people like you consider ornamenting their house with custom area rugs ( www.naturalarearugs.com/c/custom-rugs ) which are easily accessible in a wide variety online.

This helps you find the most personalized rugs for your bedroom, dining place or hall and make them more welcoming, warmth, and cool. However, buying a custom rug ideally accenting to any space is not so easy and often causes you to repent for your wrong buying later. To shun such experiences, have a look at the guidelines below which you can find truly helpful.

Consider Room Theme

Inappropriate selection of a rug can mess the entire aesthetic appeal of your drawing room or bedroom and make it a confusing pattern. Considering this, it happens to be crucial that you search for custom area rungs which are meant to embody your room interior while being synchronized with its decked theme seamlessly. A thump rule to make a successful project is to get a holistic outlook whereas you should give special emphasis on those elements that take the major stake of your room, for example, the wall color, ceiling design or pattern of the floor, etc.

Color Combination

The next factor is to diligently choose the color of the rug which plays a vital role in the selection process. To make the best match for your custom area rug, think in a combination of the wall color as well as the color of different upholstery including the window blinds, sofa set, and obviously the floor color on which it will sit. Instead of adding too many colors in the mat, which can damage its visual attraction, consider the color of major contributing element and pick up a few of them to decide the main color or its blushed borders.


Perhaps the biggest mistake that most buyers make is choosing the wrong size of custom area rugs, which eventually not only spoils its allure but looks hilarious to their visitors. Depending on whether you go for square, rectangular or round shaped, consider a handy thumb rule as stated below

• Try to include at least the frontal parts of your basic furniture pieces placed in the drawing room to touch the end part of the rug. This general rule applies to any kind of rugs, which should be with care. Remember, if those basic accessories are not taken into consideration when measuring the rug size, it’ll look extremely odd and funny.

• For your bedroom where you’ll like to place the rug in front of the bed, measure the gap of the bed’s frontal edge and the opposite wall. Use this gap as a parameter to calculate the appropriate size of custom area rugs which should not be more than the ¼ size of the total space. For a master bedroom, however, you can use two matching rugs instead of a huge one that looks fantastic.

• For your dining place with a round table can work astonishing sitting on the top of the custom area rugs ( https://www.naturalarearugs.com/page/about-us/ ) of any shape. However, make sure that you shop a rug which is large enough so that the dining chairs can sit on it fully when they are pulled for having your food.