Why One Should Hire a Septic Tank Pump-out Service Professional?

Most of the houses have plumbing where the sewage is moved with the help of a publicly owned system. But, there are certain homes who have their personal septic systems. For your information, a septic tank is a large container where the household sewage is stored. The tank capacity can range from 1000 to 1500 gallons. Although the tank stores the household waste, there are other components also to the septic tank such as alarm, pump, and filter. These privately owned septic tanks require maintenance on a regular basis ensuring they are in good working condition and a septic tank pump out service ( www.draneranger/septic-tank ) is a vital component to maintain your entire tank. Below we have discussed a few answers to commonly asked questions about septic tank pumping.

During a septic tank pump out service, your service technician will be removing the sludge so that there are no clogs that lead to failure in the septic tank. The potential for an overflow situation also gets reduced. If you do not follow a scheduled pump out service then the pollutants will adversely affect the water. Maintaining your system regularly will help the tank run at optimal levels that will reduce the chances to develop septic backup and slow draining problems in your house. It can also prevent a major disaster from replacing your weeping bed or doing costly repair work.

How frequently one should call a professional for a septic tank pump out service?

Your appointments for septic tank pump out service will be depending on how much the system is used, your tank size, and condition. The bottom rule is you must call a professional when the bottom of the floating layer of the sludge is six to seven inches from the pipe outlet. If you are not sure how much the tank has filled up, it is best to pump out after every two years. This ensures that the level of the sludge always remains low thereby reducing the sludge potential entering into the weeping bed. Booking appointments on a regular basis are the best preventive measure that will save your money on expensive repairs.

Any particular time when you should not pump your septic tank?

It is advisable not to pump out your tank immediately after a tornado, a hurricane, a heavy downpour or another event when there is a rise in the water table. Your pipe can break if you want to pump out the tank during high water level and ultimately you have to pay a handsome amount for repairing. If you have shifted to a hose where the septic tank is not pumped for several years, take the help of a professional to inquire before pumping out. Your old tank can break from pumping out the sewage. Therefore, call a septic tank pump out service ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) professional so that he can pump out small portions at a time for reducing the chances of collapsing the tank.