Four Essential Questions You Need to Ask in a UX Designer Interview

Finding the right UX designer can be difficult as the candidate needs to have diverse skills including understanding of coding, communication, analytical skills, visual design skills, and many more. The first step to selecting the right UX designer is asking the right questions.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of 4 essential UX designer interview questions ( vitamintalent.com/blog/ux-designer ) you must ask every candidate.

1. What Do You Understand by UX Design?

The right answer is that UX design refers to the process of creating applications and products that provide a relevant and meaningful experience to users. The UX design process involves aspects like usability, function, branding, and design.

The UX design process is not limited to the user’s consumption or the use of the product. It also focuses on acquiring, owning and even troubleshooting of the product. There is no single definition of good user experience. A good UX design is the one which meets the user’s particular needs in a specific context.

2. What Is the Difference Between Information Architecture and UX Design?

The right answer to this question is that information architecture focuses on the organization and structure of the content in a way in which a user can navigate it through easily.

Information architecture also involves creating a good content structure based on complex information. It encompasses plenty of user-centric design methods like persona research and creation, usability tests, user-flow diagrams to name a few.

UX design takes information architecture one step ahead. It is not limited to facilitating navigation but also focuses on enhancing user engagement. UX designer needs to focus on making things more profound and target users at an emotional level.

A good UX designer knows they need to have good Information Architecture for excellent user experience, but that might not be true vice-versa.

3. Tell Me About the Latest UX Design Trends in the Market

It is one of the important UX designer interview questions ( vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ) that will tell how updated the candidate about his field. The market, customers, their expectations and the underlying technology is always changing. A good UX designer would always strive to keep himself/herself updated by visiting popular blogs and websites related to UX design.

Some of the latest UX design trends in the market are rising popularity of flat design in which layering makes the design more visually appealing. You can also find trend favoring split screen layouts in website design. Expanded use of video and domination of storytelling continues to be strong.

4. If a Client Says “I Did Not like Your Design,” What Would You Do?

There is no standard answer to this question, and the answer will shed light on the character of the UX designer candidate. A good UX designer would show a thoughtful restraint and look towards it as an opportunity to delve deeper to know the client’s requirement. The UX designer would also try to uncover the reasons why the client did not like the design.

These are some important UX designer interview questions that you should consider asking every candidate.