Everything You Need to Know About Baidu PPC

Baidu, a Chinese search engine, connects millions of internet users and enhances business. It provides a platform to reach out to a wide range of potential customers and improve brand awareness. Baidu PPC ( adstochina.westwin.com/baidu-ppc ) provides a platform where businesses can advertise their products and services at a relatively lower cost. Businesses can create ads with keywords relevant to their products. These ads will appear on the search engine result pages when a user searches for a product with a specific keyword. This PPC advertising will help you to increase the number of visitors and thereby drive traffic to your website. It will also help to increase enquires, leads and conversion rate.

Benefits of Using Baidu PPC


Unlike the other ads, Baidu PPC is customizable. You can choose the time, location and the appearance of the ads. You can even customize your budget on this advertising platform. You can choose how much you need to spend daily or weekly for the ads through Baidu pay per click platform.

Greater visibility

Being one of the most popular and largest search engines in China, Baidu offers an excellent platform to display products and services. It receives millions of inquiries every day, which increases the chances of sales and revenue. Baidu ads offer greater visibility to products and services, which is one of the biggest advantages of using this advertising platform.

Target the right audience

It is possible to target the right audience on this advertising platform when you select the right keywords. You can also choose a perfect location and time for the ad to appear which will help to drive more traffic to the website and ultimately increase conversion rates and overall sales.


Baidu PPC ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) is charged at a relatively low cost compared to other advertising platforms. Moreover, businesses are only charged for the ads when a prospective customer clicks on these ads. There is hardly any cost incurred for these ads to appear on the search engine pages. It increases website traffic almost immediately without spending a fortune on advertising.

Baidu attracts potential customers who have the intention to buy on a wide arena. With excellent targeting capability, this online marketing tool can be utilized effectively at a lower cost. Potential customers who are interested in products and services are provided a better understanding. They can also make transactions easily. It is also possible to track channels so that you can analyze those keywords, which attract maximum traffic to the website.

Pay per Click advertising through Baidu has several advantages and it ensures results almost immediately when it is utilized properly. With more than 95% penetration rate, Baidu improves customer interaction and increases brand visibility of your Chinese website. It is an effectual tool that provides a highly interactive arena for potential customers and businesses in China.