Baidu Advertising: An Overview

Established in 2000, Baidu the largest Chinese search engine and advertisement platform count more than 86% of online searches in China. When your target market is China, since Google is already banned there, you should be aimed to reach your Chinese audience through Baidu. Like Google, Baidu has also been operational with its most popular pay-per-click advertising platform while it has some other great advertising tools for its users. In many ways, while Baidu plays similar to Google, it has plenty of differences too. The whole idea of this article is to let you know everything concisely about Baidu advertising ( adstochina.westwin/Baidu-Advertising ).

Opening an Account in Baidu

The foremost problem you’re likely to encounter is to undergo a series of procedures on the way of opening a Baidu account to begin your advertising campaign. As a foreign company, you should note with the diligence that opening an account in Baidu is not as simple as Google. It requires you to submit your business license and other documents, a deposit, certain undertakings and the proposed advertising theme translated in the Chinese language.

4 Types of Baidu Advertising

Baidu Tuiguang

Similar to Google AdWords or Adsense, it’s a pay per clip (PPC) advertising tool from the house of Baidu. By far this is the main advertisement platform which can be called as Baidu paid to advertise. The procedure is simple- you need to bid on selected keywords and accordingly, the product/service ads will be displayed on SERPs of Baidu. The PPC cost depends on your quality score as estimated by Baidu.

Baidu Pay for Placement (P4P)

Its Baidu’s another great advertisement tool which is used widely by foreign businessmen to promote online business in China. With P4P, apart from bidding on keywords, you can also purchase a right to enjoy some priority ranking place in the search page results.

Baidu Pro Theme

Restricted for Baidu’s Union members, the advertisement tool allows users to exhibit ad messages on different Baidu products such as search engine tools, apps for desktop, music players and others. The ads are displayed through those channels of specific audiences only.

Baidu TV

The platform is specially designed for video advertisement. Baidu TV enables its users to access Baidu’s Union member's websites and settle on the right places to display a video advertisement.

Essential Points to be Noted

Title/ Text Length

Advertisers are allowed to use 50 characters for Title and 80 characters for text for describing the details of their products/ services in two lines. However, depending on the search result position you attain, Baidu may allow you only one line for displaying your ad which needs you to be careful to create an engaging text that generates conversions.

Keyword Research

Get the support of your agency in China to find the most popular keywords with relevance to your business and trendy among the audience. Baidu is equipped with a keyword research tool useful for your PPC campaign.

The vitality of Quality Score

As you’ve experienced with Google AdWords, the cost of your bidding price for Baidu ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) PPC is profoundly affected by the quality score you achieve. Thus, the more is your quality score, the less you pay for bidding and equally get a better advertisement positioning. On the contrary, with a poor quality score you, you will have to bear a higher PPC cost. The major factors directly impact on your quality score are:

• CTR (Click through Rate)

• The relevance of ad copies with landing pages

• Advertiser’s performance history

• The ratio of active keywords by the user

• Duration of the active status of the account