How Cosmetic Dentistry can provide you a Complete Smile Makeover

Are you among those thousands who are dissatisfied with their smile? Well, the good news is that there is scope for improvement through cosmetic dentistry in Springfield ( www.Dulacdds/Cosmetic-Dentistry-Springfield ). Several treatments in cosmetic dentistry correct different types of dental imperfections such as misaligned and crooked teeth, stained, chipped, and broken teeth. There are various kinds of cosmetic dental procedures for a smile makeover such as veneers, dental caps, teeth whitening, bridges, white fillings, and so forth.

Cosmetic dental procedures improve your smile by restoring discolored, chipped, broken, and cracked teeth. It also helps to restore your bite and improve your appearance. A cosmetic dentist can provide various treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile, which includes the following.

Teeth whitening

Teeth discoloration is one of the most common dental issues faced by most people these days. It is mainly caused due to aging, consumption of beverages that cause stains and several other factors. Teeth whitening, a common cosmetic dental procedure that restores the color of your teeth is a simple procedure, which is also least expensive. You can also find over-the-counter whitening products to bleach your teeth.

Dental bonding

Bonding is another dental procedure that repairs chipped, decayed, broken, and stained teeth. The procedure involves the use of a durable resin that is applied to the teeth. It is then bonded to the teeth with laser light. Your teeth are then trimmed and shaped by the dentist to make it appear natural.

Dental veneers

Another popular cosmetic dental procedure is the use of dental veneers that disguise the front teeth and cover up the imperfections. Veneers are customized thin shells made from resin or porcelain. These thin shells are tooth colored and help to change the size, shape, and appearance of the teeth. It also helps to correct a wide number of dental flaws simultaneously.

Dental crown

A crown is placed over a damaged and decayed tooth to restore the shape, appearance, and size of the tooth. It holds a cracked tooth together and covers up the misshaped tooth. Dental crowns are made of resin, porcelain, metal, and ceramic. It also covers dental implants. There are two types of crowns- permanent and temporary. It protects a damaged tooth and relieves toothache.

Cosmetic dentistry in Springfield ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) also provides a range of other dental procedures to improve the appearance of your smiles such as dental implants, inlays, and outlays. Most of the cosmetic dental procedures are minimally invasive and pain-free. It is gaining immense popularity since the past decade with the use of durable materials and pain-free techniques.

Cosmetic dental procedures are elective and give restorative benefits. While most of the procedures are simple, there are many dental treatments, which are complex and involve specialization and prolonged care.