Dispose and Recycle Your Mattresses Effectively in San Antonio

Have you ever considered the impact your old mattress may have on the environment? When the time comes to dispose of it, sending it to a landfill is simply not a good idea. You will do better to contact a company undertaking mattress disposal in San Antonio ( http://www.kingsofwaste.com/mattresses ) and have your mattress recycled.

The Benefits of Hiring a Mattress Disposal Company

They are Quick to Respond

Just give the company a call and arrange for the mattress pick up the following day or at a time of your convenience.

They Save You the Hassle of Handling the Mattresses

It can be difficult to remove bulky, unwieldy mattresses from multi-level homes and commercial business premises. If you don’t have the experience or knack for it, you could end up injuring yourself and damaging the building. Furthermore, in many areas, you cannot include mattresses in your daily trash collection.

The better option is to let the crew of the mattress disposal company handle the removal. Whether you have the mattresses in the bedroom, the attic, or the basement, they will go there and get them. You don't have to lift a finger. The well-insured crew will do all the heavy lifting and maneuvering. Just make sure that they can reach the mattresses without having to rearrange all the other items in your home or commercial premises.

They Arrange for the Transportation of the Mattresses

If you own a small car, the size restrictions can make it difficult or impossible to transport large-sized mattresses. The professional companies undertaking mattress removal in San Antonio, however, have large vehicles to transport mattresses of all sizes.

They Take the Mattresses to be Recycled

To protect the environment and reduce the burden on the landfill, the company will take the mattresses to a recycling facility. Here, the mattress materials will be processed for reuse.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Disposing of Your Old or Used Mattresses

You Must Pay for the Mattress Disposal Beforehand

Most companies require you to pay before they arrive at your premises for the mattress removal. If you decide you want them to take away any extra mattresses, you must contact the company and pay for those. The on-site crew will handle them only after you show them the payment receipt.

You Cannot Send Mattresses with Bug Infestations to be Recycled

The mattresses you want to dispose of must be free of bug infestations if they are to be recycled. You cannot send them to be recycled if they have bugs. Instead, the company will pick them and treat them for the infestation and find some other way to dispose of them.

As you see, the mattress removal companies can handle everything from removing the mattresses from your home or your commercial business property to hauling them away to the recycling plant. They save you the bother of struggling to cope with heavy or outsized mattresses. Plus, the whole mattress disposal ( http://www.kingsofwaste.com/ ) process is not expensive. Given the service they provide you, it is well worth it.