Great Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof That Make Them So Demanding

Amidst all types of roof types available out there, the dominating popularity of standing seam metal roof ( elitesteelandsupply/products-and-services ) has been remarkable. Even though metal roofing or standing seam metal roofs are nothing new in the market, however, even a decade back, they were mainly consumed by commercial and industrial sectors. However, with the technological evolvements as metal building supplies has successfully introduced more sophisticated metal roofs matching to homeowners needs, on the other hand, with the changing trend in building concepts, now increasing number of homeowners are looking for the contemporary metal roofing system.

Keeping similarity with their names, standing seam metal roofs are constructed out of heavy duty metal panels extended from the down ridge to rooftop edge. With many advantages, they are becoming more and more demanding in residential sectors.

Range and Aesthetic

There’s no denying that the concepts of modern constructional architectures and trends have taken the industrial and rustic roofing systems in mainstream nowadays. On the other hand, people who still love the traditional look of roofing types, with newest technological means, metal building companies are prepared to décor their homes with metal roofs that resemble shingles, designed tiles, and wooden structures. Available in different colors, designs, and styles, metals roofs look simply amazing in residential places and can deal with any complex curves and shapes better than asphalt shingles while eliminating the likelihood of unattractive overlapping.

Extremely Durable

When compared with asphalt shingles or concrete tiles, metal roofing systems are more hard-wearing and steady roofing options that won’t disappoint you with possible cracking, chipping, warping, splitting, or leaking, etc. Unlike traditional roofs consisting of profuse seams that make them vulnerable to heavy wind or storm and cause devastating damage of your roofing system, a standing seam metal roof can effectively stand high storm like a medium hurricane or tornado.

Fewer Seams

Constructed with minimal seams, standing seam metal roof is a more resilient and secured roofing solution. It has only one extended seam across the top where the panels are connected while the pre-fabricated panels placed vertically are connected to each other with snap locks. With fewer closers, metal roofs are absolutely water resistive and don’t make homeowners worried of attic leaks.


With minimum maintenance, homeowners can make their robust metal roofs lasting through generations. In general, high-quality metal roofs with higher gauge can normally last for more than 50 years which can be extended efficiently only with occasional touch-ups.

Energy Efficient

Standing metal roofs are found mostly painted with different colors that typically reflect the sun and keeps the indoor cool while adding to energy efficient home atmosphere. The feature helps people living in temperate regions to minimize the use of their air conditions and save a lot on the energy bill. Equally, during winters they help keep the indoor warmer than asphalt shingles or clay tile roofing systems.

Green Options

Typically, all metal roofing types are manufactured out of recycled metal items which are 100% recyclable. Since the structures last for more and decades, they are less likely to reach in landfills. With the rising consciousness among people to go with eco-friendly practices and nourish our natural mother, your initiative to use standing seam metal roof ( http://elitesteelandsupply.com/about-us/ ) is always appreciated.