Four Types of Stylish Shoes Every Woman Must Own

With a huge variety of shoes available for women, it would be unrealistic not to be obsessed with them. Women are stereotyped for their love for stylish shoes from many decades. Apart from being stylish and desirable, women’s footwear is also functional. Some shoes are apt for certain type of dresses and occasions whereas others might not be. Here is a brief glimpse of the different types of stylish shoes ( https://barcemodashop.com/collections/all ), which will help you to choose the most desirable ones to match your wardrobe.

Ankle boots

One of the most popular varieties of shoes loved by most women is ankle shoes. It has the power to exude a polished and chic appearance when it is paired with skinny jeans, midis, and skirts. Although ankle boots are available in a range of colors, black boots are particularly stylish as it can be worn on any occasion. Chelsea boot is the most popular ankle boot that was introduced during the Victorian times. It is a common choice of footwear during the autumn season as it is comfortable and protective.

Ballet flats

Even more popular than ankle boots are the ballet flats as it enhances the style of any kind of outfit. You can wear it all the time with skirts, shorts, skinny jeans, and a dress. It is an indispensable part of your wardrobe. It is available in a range of colors and styles to suit different occasions and outfits. With a flat sole and no heels, ballet flats are ideal footwear that exudes a sense of charm, comfort, and style.


The reason why most women love to wear wedges is that it is more comfortable without the need to wear painful heels. It is more casual than most of the high heels such as stilettos and black pumps. Wedge shoes can include an open toe or closed toe designs with buckles at the ankles. As wedges are thicker than spike heels, it is far more comfortable and safe while walking on the sidewalk. With two to four inches of heels, these stylish shoes can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. It can be matched with skirts, midis, maxi dresses, and even pants for a stylish and elegant appearance.


These popular varieties of stylish shoes for women ( BarcemodaShop.com/Stylish-Shoes ) add a touch of elegance and sophistication. It features thin and high heels that have a lengthening effect on your legs. The stiletto heels can reach up to 8 inches and gives you the height you need to feel ultra stylish and confident.

Apart from these, you can find several other stylish varieties of shoes that can be worn to accentuate your outfit and overall appearance.