What Tells You It’s Time to Schedule Grease Trap Cleaning?

Majority of the restaurant owners have experienced issues related to grease traps. Most of these issues arise due to poorly maintained grease traps. If it has been quite a while since you last cleaned your grease trap, it becomes even more essential to look for signs that indicate it is time to call professional grease trap cleaning services ( www.draneranger.com/Grease-Trap-Cleaning-Service ). Cleaning grease traps on time also helps to save money in the end.

Some Important Signs That You Need to Look Out For

Strong odor

If you happen to notice a strong foul odor emancipating from your restaurant’s kitchen sink, even after cleaning, it is a telltale sign that your grease trap needs immediate attention. Grease, oil, fat, and solid food waste that is trapped for more than three months tend to emanate a foul smell. Your commercial kitchen might give off a stench even after cleaning the trash. This is a clear sign that you need the assistance of experts to clean the grease trap of your commercial kitchen.

Slow drainage

Grease, fats, and oil begin to accumulate in the grease trap and when it is not removed or cleaned frequently, it tends to accumulate and solidify over a period of time. It begins to form a cap at the top of the trap and results in slow drainage and clogged pipes. Therefore, if you notice slow moving drains and clogged pipes, it is a sure indication that your grease traps need to be cleaned quickly.

Grease backup in unusual places

When the grease trap is clogged, extra grease begins to backup through kitchen sinks, water lines, sewer pipes, and other traps. This could prove to be an expensive mess and pose a health hazard to your kitchen staff and customers. Hence, if you notice grease in all the wrong places in your commercial kitchen, it is a clear indication that you need to seek the services of grease trap cleaning professionals.

No frequent cleaning

One of the most important indications of grease trap cleaning ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) is time. If the grease trap has not been cleaned for more than three months or if you hardly remember the last time, you cleaned the trap, it is important to call the experts to clean out the trap as soon as you can. However, if you run a busy restaurant that deals with grease and oil, it becomes even more essential to clean the restaurant trap every month.

Grease traps need frequent and regular maintenance so that it functions optimally. DIY techniques might not always work without the right tools while you attempt to clean these traps. Moreover, hiring a professional trap cleaning service is better as it is affordable and efficient.