When Must You Call Professional Grease Trap Services?

Eliminating grease and fat can be excessively challenging for a busy commercial restaurant, which is why most restaurateurs install grease traps to deal with FOG (fat, oil, and grease). These filters are designed to separate oil and fat from the wastewater that flows from the kitchen sinks and dishwashers. Although grease traps function effectively by filtering the grease before it flows into the sewer system, these traps need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning grease traps without professional assistance is not an easy feat, as you need the right set of equipments and expertise. Neglecting grease traps for a considerable period can lead to overflow, backup of unsanitary water into the kitchen sinks, and surrounding areas, which can be quite unhealthy. When you deal with such untoward situations, you might wonder how to find a grease trap service near me ( www.draneranger/Grease-Trap-Service-Near-Me ).

When Do I Call Professional Grease Trap Service Near Me

Foul odor from the kitchen

Grease traps collect FOG from the kitchen continuously and when it is left unclean for more than two to three months, it begins to rot. In due course of time, it begins to diffuse a strong foul stench even if the grease trap inceptor is located outside. This is likely to affect the reputation of your food establishment. Therefore, if you notice any kind of foul smell from the kitchen even after cleaning it spotlessly, it is time to check and clean the grease traps.

Slow moving drains

Grease traps are tantamount to clogged pipes when it is not cleaned for months. These traps begin to accumulate grease, oil, and fat and form a thick cap at the top of the trap. This makes it excessively difficult for wastewater to flow through these pipes. Therefore, if you notice slow moving drains, chances are high that your grease trap has reached its limit and it is time to have them cleaned as quickly as possible.

Grease in unusual places

When the grease trap is clogged, you begin to notice grease backing up in your water lines, sewer pipes, and other places. Hence, you need to clean and maintain your grease traps before it begins to overflow and spill backward through unusual places, leading to a temporary close down of your restaurant.

Although the thumb of rule is to clean the grease trap ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) every 90 days, it depends largely on the capacity and the size of the trap and the type of food cooked in the kitchen. If there is a large amount of frying in your kitchen every day, it is better to empty the trap twice in a month so that it functions efficiently without any obstructions. If you face the hassle of emptying these inceptors numerous times in a month, it is wise to replace it with a unit that is large enough to function without any obstructions.