How Disposal Systems are Helping Austin to Meet its Recycling Goals?

Americans alone produce more than 200 million tons of waste every year and this number is the highest than other nations. Due to this fact both the environmental associations and government have invented several methods to deal with this mammoth issue. Waste management can be defined as the process to treat solid waste and offer different solutions to recycle the items that do not belong to the trash as well as how the garbage can be treated as a valuable resource. It is something that every organization and homeowners must require for sustainable living. Let us discuss some common techniques that everyone should know about waste management in Austin ( www.kingsofwaste.com/Waste-Management ).


This is an easy and natural bio-degradation procedure that collects organic wastes (remains of kitchen and garden waste) and turns into nutrient-rich food for your plants. Normally this process is used for organic farming where the organic materials are settled at one place for several months until microbes decompose the materials. Composting is one of the best techniques of waste disposal as it converts unsafe organic products into safe compost. But the flip side is a very slow process and takes a lot of areas.


The most popular method for disposing of waste in today’s waste is throwing daily garbage/waste in the landfills. This waste disposal technique concentrates on burying the waste in the land. Before burying into the ground a process is used for eliminating the dangers and odors of waste. Although landfill method is becoming less nowadays as used to a decade ago, thanks to the availability of shortage of space, and the strong presence of various landfill gases and methane, both of which causes various contamination problems. They give rise to water and air pollution that severely affects the environment and prove fatal to animals and humans lives. Due to these concerns, many places are reconsidering this method.

Recycling and Recovery of Waste Management in Austin

Recovery of resources is the technique of taking useful discarded products so that they can be used again. These discarded products are processed to recover or extract resources and materials or convert them to energy in the form of useable fuel, electricity or heat.

Recycling is to convert waste into new products for preventing usage of energy and consumption of fresh raw materials. In a waste hierarchy, recycling is the third component of reducing, reuse and recycle. The main motto behind recycling is reducing energy waste, preservation of natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water and air pollution and reducing the volume of landfills for future use.

Minimizing and Avoiding Waste

The most convenient method of waste management in Austin ( http://www.kingsofwaste.com ) is reducing the creation of waste products which in turn will reduce the quantity of waste going to landfills. You can minimize waste by recycling old materials like bags, jar, repair old items rather buying another product, and avoid using disposable products such as plastic bags as well as reuse second-hand products.