Tire Disposal in Houston- Three Vital Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Used and old tires are identified as one of the most challenging sources of solid waste which are rather problematic to breakdown and often seen lying in open lands in heaps. Subsequently, these old tires develop into ideal shelters for rodents and as they trap water during the rainy season, they turn into the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. As estimated these discarded tires can consume 75% of landfill space while the containing toxic substances they have can be extremely threatening to the environment due to contamination of the groundwater and earth surface.

Which is why from homeowners to tire dealers and producers are recommended to think of proper tire disposal in Houston ( http://kingsofwaste.com/Tire-Disposal ) to protect our nature mother from potential hazardous. In fact, the best way to keep your home and social environment healthy and avoid using tires in landfills is involving you in the extensive process of tire recycling.

To kick start, your first step is obviously to find a company specializing in tire disposal in Houston that collects your tires and send them to authorized recycling centers. Usually, these companies have various collection points and once these tires reach adequate volume, they’re packed in large vehicles and sent to plants for processing. To make sure that you work with a professional tire disposal company that takes care of your needs adhering to the federal guidelines for waste management, ask 3 vital questions before allowing them to pick up your waste including tires.

1. How and where these tires are disposed?

This is an important question for you to ask because after all, you are liable to perform a responsible, suitable, and regulation-centric disposal of your waste tires. Remember if your waste is found being disposed of in an unethical way, it can backfire your own interest due to the negligence on your part. There’s none to ensure that you’re not involved in the chain of lawbreakers which can attract high penalty? So, when picking up your waste, a professional company won’t have any problem to share which of your wastes will go for recycling and which parts will be used in landfills.

2. Are you licensed and insured?

Typically a waste management company focused on tire disposal in Houston must be fitted with a license from environmental regulation authorities that allows them to pick up different kinds of wastes generated in the home, commercial, and industrial segments. Equally, they should be insured to carry varied toxic and non-toxic substances that establish that they’ve needed expertise and know-how to deal with issues and uniformly having insurance coverage to minimize your risk in case of an accident.

3. How equipped you are to operate in waste removal and disposal services?

Before hiring tire disposal in Houston ( http://www.kingsofwaste.com/ ), verify what is their staff strength? The removal business is not only labor-oriented but needs proper planning, supervision, and lawful disposal. They should be operational with experienced manpower from supervisory level to labors, heavy-duty trucks, as well as association with reputable disposal and landfill facilities to ensure effective recycling and disposal of your waste tires.


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