Seven Features You Need to Look for When Selecting the Cheapest Exchange Archiving Solution

Microsoft Exchange is one of the leading email systems in the corporate world. Though Exchange Server 2016, 2013 and 2010 offer archiving options, companies need an Exchange archiving solution which satisfies legal, regulatory and policy requirements of the business.

Costs are a major factor when choosing an Exchange archiving solution. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of features to look for when selecting the cheapest Exchange archiving ( securence/archiving-solution/ ) solution.

Email Server Storage Management

The email archiving solution should reduce the burden on the Exchange server. For example, the email archiving solution should receive an email as soon as it is received in the mailbox. Once the email is processed it should be removed from the Exchange server.

This will not only reduce storage space requirements but also ensure emails that are processed, does not occupy inbox or stay on the server unnecessarily.

Optimized Disk Utilization

The Exchange archiving solution should support deduplication feature to ensure optimized disk utilization. For example, the archiving solution should capture all documents for deduplication. Also, the emails and their parts should also be captured for deduplication. For example, if a document is sent around by multiple people in an organization, only one copy of the document should be archived in the system.

Email Record Preservation

To ensure legal and regulatory compliance, the Exchange archiving solution should archive emails in a way that it passes any industry audit and is compliant with regulations related to storing email communication records.

Easy Tagging and Comments

The Exchange archiving solution should offer easy and complete tagging and comment options for archived emails. This ensures easy retrieval of emails when required in lesser time. The tagging and commenting process should be automatic and based on specific rules specified for the purpose. Also, the tagging and commenting process should be performed daily for new email archives.

Search Exclusion Capability

The cheapest Exchange archiving solution you select should have search exclusion feature to omit specific mail. For example, employees should not be able to check emails from the CEO, or legal counsel from the archives.

The Exchange archiving solution should allow search exclusion of email addresses of CEO, legal counsel or any other person as per organization policies.

Advanced Search Options for Power User

HR and Legal departments need a powerful and robust search interface. There are times when the legal department or Human Resources department need to find that one email out of millions of emails which meet certain criteria.

Email Classification and Retention Policies

The Exchange archiving solution should support a granular retention policy. It should automatically classify emails like – contracts, legal, spam accordingly and remove these emails from the disk periodically and archive them as per organization retention policies.

This needs the Exchange archiving solution to have a complex but easy-to-use search interface that allows searching of emails with different criteria.

The cheapest Exchange archiving ( securence.com/blog ) solution with the above-mentioned features will ensure your business meets compliance and regulatory requirements in a cost-effective manner.