Advertising on Baidu in English: Top Tips to Get Started In China

Operational with above 780 million loyal users and accounting for 80% + Chinese web search queries, Baidu has emerged as the dominating search engine in China similar to Google in the West. Therefore, similar to thousands of foreign business groups, if you’re planning to promote your business in China, unsurprisingly having a noteworthy presence in Baidu is vital for you.

Remarkably, almost 78% of Chinese audiences who are familiar with the internet marketing world believe only those brands as dependable which are present in Baidu. So, if you’re serious to make your digital marketing endeavor a real success in China, then creating brand awareness on Baidu should be given special importance. Accordingly, apart from having ranked in organic search, in order to reach the Chinese audience faster, you should consider advertising in Baidu in English ( adstochina.westwin/Advertising-on-Baidu-in-English ) through its most popular advertisement plans.

First of all, note carefully that Baidu rarely entertains its potential advertisers directly and secondly, there’re many formalities that you should follow, begin with, Baidu. It makes sense to find an agency which is registered by the Chinese search engine and advertisement platform to go through the steps peacefully and successfully.

Steps to Follow

 Given that, Baidu is a Chinese search engine, it requires you to create your Chinese website, which should be composed in simplified Mandarin language;

 You’ve to submit details of all legal documents like business registration certificate, tax clearance certification, a screenshot of your current website and more to be verified by Baidu team;

 On approval, a deposit of a certain amount for registration in Baidu and the annual service fee is the last step.

Throughout the way, the agency will help you from the preparation of the site to complete all formalities as per the necessity and get your site displayed in Baidu apart from advertising in Baidu in English ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ).

Baidu’s Core Ad Plans

Baidu has been geared up with an array of advertising plans for budding to established groups to promote their brand.

Baidu PPC Advertising

Comparable to Google AdWords’, Baidu’s PPC or Baidu Tuiguang enables its advertisers to exhibit their ads on paid advertisement column in SERPs. Being the largest search engine, it boasts of having over 600,000 website advertisements the network. If done certification in conjunction with Baidu SEO, you can expect a brilliant outcome of Baidu PPC.

Baidu’s Pay-for-Placement (P4P)

Baidu’s P4P advertisement plan involves a web-based auction system allowing advertisers to bid for having priority positioning of their advertisements. Notably, in order to take part in P4P, Baidu considers your quality score and the bidding price linking with specific search keywords.

Baidu Brand Zone

For any businessperson, joining in Baidu’s Brand Zone is likely to be a scope to dominate the search results as a whole. With this, advertisers can have visibility above the fold, not only with text ads or logos but also through displaying banners, social links, and videos and so on. The plan doesn’t require to bid on keywords while all that you’ve to do is to pay a monthly fixed sum for your preferred keywords to ensure you an in the ad plan at all times. It’s worth mentioning here, that for this, your CTR count should be at the level of 50% or more.

Baidu TV

It’s an exclusive plan from Baidu and limited to its Union members and enables them to display promotional advertisements on some specific web pages whereas advertisers have the freedom to choose which sites they like to use for displaying their ads.