How Does SEO Works? and Different Categories of SEO

Today is the world of technological development with human relying on it in various forms in everyday life. One such development is the internet that has penetrated the lives and has become an essential part. With the internet at the convenience of phone and laptop, customers use it to search for the products and services they are looking for. This is the reason why search engine optimization in Houston, TX ( BrazosValleyMarketing/Search-Engine-Optimization ) is vital for any business. It is rare that people know the business or its website; instead, they use the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find what they want. People trust search engines for their search and SEO helps a business maintain its online presence. Search engine optimization increases the visibility of a business’s website by making it appear on the first page of search results of the search engine.

How does SEO work?

There are SEO crawlers that read the HTML codes of the web pages available on the internet and when the user type something in the search panel of the search engine, it matches the most suitable match with user’s result and put it at the top of the result page. The crawlers and the algorithms are continuously updated and altered to make the best decision to suit both the user and the business. The process of search engine optimization in Houston uses a number of steps and a set of rules to provide the best results.

Different categories of SEO

Search engine optimization in Houston is about search engine result pages and improving website content and design by using the following categories:

Technical SEO

It is called technical because it does not use the actual content of the website or the web page but still affects the ranking of the page. It helps the search engine crawlers to read the website without any problem. Technical SEO is about coding and programming of the website, so that the search engine crawlers and spiders may interact with the website’s content in the right manner. It is basically everything happened in the background of the actual website.

On-page SEO

It is the process of optimizing the content of the website or the web page. It helps the search engine crawler to understand the meaning and the context of the website or web page content. It is the on-page SEO, where the headings, titles, keywords and the website structure are taken care of.

Off-page SEO

OFF page SEO are the techniques that go beyond the website content and design and usually consists of link building. A website or webpage, which is linked with other similar websites, is preferred by the search engine algorithm. without such links do not make it to the top of result pages despite having the right content and the design of the website.

This is how search engine optimization in Houston ( www.BrazosValleyMarketing.com ) helps a business establish and grow online. A continuous process that holds key to a business success and that keep altering as and when search engines’ algorithm requires it to.