Some Important Facts about Dentures

Dentures often referred to as false teeth are the replacement for the natural missing teeth. A person may lose teeth because of various reasons such as the decay, injury, gum disease or age. Dentures in Springfield ( dulacdds.com/dentures/ ) has a solution regardless of the reason for teeth loss. Dentures not only replace the missing teeth but also restore the smile and overall facial appearance of the person, which is lost with teeth loss.

Which material is used to make dentures?

Porcelain or plastic is the most common material, which is used to make dentures. However, the dentist now uses hard resin to make dentures. The dentures must be replaced with a new set of dentures after every five years.

Types of dentures

The Dentures in Springfield are of different types depending upon the need and the requirement of the patient:

Partial dentures: These are used when there is a loss of few teeth only and are fixed in the existing teeth.

Complete dentures: When all the natural teeth are lost, complete dentures are recommended. These dentures consist of both upper and lower set and sit on the top of the gums. These are removable, and cost the least as compared to implant, bridges and snap-on dentures.

Immediate dentures: These are like the complete dentures except the fact that these are placed the same day on which the remaining teeth are extracted.

Implant dentures: As the name suggests these are surgically inserted in the jawbone and cannot be removed. These have the longest and expensive procedure, as the patient needs more than two sittings at the dentist office. However, they look similar to the natural teeth of the person and tend to stay longer.

Bridge dentures: These are of two types; fixed bridge and cantilever bridge, and used by planting artificial teeth through surgery by forming a bridge on the remaining teeth. The cantilever bridge is placed when the molar is missing and there is nothing to support the side of the bridge.

Snap-on dentures: These removable crowns are attached to the roots inserted inside the jawbone. Like dental implants, these are also stable dentures and one can eat every type of food.

Benefits of dentures

• Missing teeth cause drooping of facial muscles, which is restored by dentures.

• Dentures improve bite making it easier and better-eating experience.

• The smile gets a makeover with dentures and a person feels more confident with other people around.

• Jawbone also gets support from the denture and remains in place and shape for longer.

• Except for the dental implants, dentures can be removed whenever it is required by the person.

Taking care of dentures

Like the natural teeth, dentures in Springfield ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) should also be cleaned and taken care of. Although these are the artificial teeth plaque and tartar may be developed on them as well and thus they should be cleaned on a daily basis. These can be rinsed off with drinking water but for cleaning purpose, denture cleansers and denture brushes should be used. Normal brush and toothpaste may damage them. It is advised to remove the partial or removable complete dentures before sleeping and store them in fresh and warm water.