The Truth about Best Stand Up Desk and Productivity

For the last couple of years more and more enterprises have started replacing their old fashioned desks with standing desks as an innovative approach to enhance employee well-being, hearten collaboration, and add to productivity. Remarkably, a recent study convened by Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health shows clearly those call center employees who are provided with the best stand up desk ( easyergo.co/best-stand-up-desk ) to work in a standing positing instead of sitting make a number of calls per day more creatively than those using conventional desks. The numbers of employers equipping their offices with standing desks and with height adjustable features are increasing at a rapid pace than the last five years. Let’s have a look at the great advantages of stand up desks that can make this hard task easy achievable for you too.

Improves Intelligence

Standing encourages blood circulation while sending more oxygen and nutrients to our brain cells which is the core of brainpower. On the contrary, continuous sitting which is often considered as dangerous as smoking slows down blood flow and impacts harmfully on our health causing various complications. Standing makes you feel an urgency while sitting leads to relaxing, lethargy and deprives your employees of critical thinking because that is closely associated with the effective functioning of our brain.

Boosts Focus

It has been reported that employers encouraging their employees to reduce their sitting time while working with the best stand up desk with adjustable features can perform more critical project works in less time flawlessly than any other team with the same background while doing the work in sitting position. It happens due to increased focus, efficiency, and brain-power.

Increases Energy

Standing and moving in hourly gaps all through the day never make employees feel being weighed down due to their staying power with increased energy levels. More than 82% of employers who furnish their workplace with the best stand up desks ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ) state that the special drive has helped them to a great extent to keep their employees fully energized throughout the day with increased alertness and more focus.

Reduces Discomfort

Our body is not intended to sit all through the day and doing so typically leads to various physical disorders and complications such as back pain, chronic headache, strained muscles which hold back productivity. Which is why; more and more American companies are investing in a high quality stand up desk with height adjustable features to promote workplace health and boost employee output individually.

Boosts Teamwork

While working in a standing position on an open office floor, employees involved in certain particular project work can share ideas more easily that creates a great sense of teamwork. Equally, project managers and senior executives can engage with their associates while working around the floor and don’t require bowing down to check certain work or share suggestions among employees. This helps in developing a healthy work environment and produces absolute results.