A Closer Look at the Benefits of Moving to Business VoIP Phone service

The phone system used in your company for internal and external communications is one of the important infrastructure investments you make. The communication technology has progressed and offers superior features and the traditional PBX system is a thing of the past.

If your company is still using a PBX system, it’s the time to move to business VoIP phone service. Here are the top 5 benefits of VoIP service.

1. Scalability

Adding and removing phones in a PBX system is more than a hassle and you have limited options. For example, a PBX system is designed to only support a specific number of phones that differs from models.

If your company grows to a new location, you have to add a new PBX system. Also expanding to new locations means waiting for new telephone lines that can delay projects.

With VoIP phone service scalability it is never an issue. To add new phone connections, you just need to add extensions to your existing system. There are no telephone lines or PBX system to configure.

The communication system can be scaled up or down without waiting for the technician to set up a new environment. Your employees can add extensions, plug-in their IP phone and start working.

2. Reduced Costs

When it comes to comparing costs of PBX systems and VoIP phone service, the latter has a clear advantage. The PBX system relies on a heavy infrastructure that includes telephone line, PBX system, and other telecommunication equipment. The initial setup costs, operating and maintenance costs are also comparatively higher.

On the other hand, the business VoIP phone service ( RingLeader.co/Business-VoIP-Phone-Service ) is cloud-based and needs a very light infrastructure. All you need is a working internet connection and IP phones. There are no maintenance costs either as the service is cloud-based or the maintenance and upgrade responsibility lies with the service provider.

3. Mobility

Traditional phone systems have a unique telephone number assigned and transferring it to another place is complicated. A VoIP phone is a different thing altogether. You can use any broadband connection to log into your VoIP phone. Also, a VoIP phone number can be easily transferred.

4. Increased Productivity

VoIP phone service allows users to multi-task with tech-savvy devices that enhance productivity. It can be integrated with software programs like efax, email, video conferencing software.
If the client call is in the queue, the caller can do other tasks like reading previous voicemail to text transcriptions. The user can also send voicemail and text messages while on call or forward the voicemail received to three other people at a click of a mouse.

VoIP also allows the user to conduct virtual meetings, attach documents, and share data via video conferencing. In fact, the video conferencing feature reduces the need for executives to travel to distant places for a face-to-face meeting. All this saves valuable time of executives which can be used for other important work.

Now that you know the benefits of moving to a business VoIP phone service ( https://ringleader.co/blog/ ), find the right VoIP service provider to make the switch.