Things You Need to Know About Anti Colic Baby Bottles

A colicky baby can be worrisome not just for mothers but for everyone at home. The general symptom for colic is crying for long hours after feeding without any obvious reasons. New mothers find it extremely difficult to deal with babies suffering from colic. Some babies cry for hours mainly due to pain and gas in their tummies. No one knows exactly why babies suffer from colic and there is no guaranteed cure for it.

All that you can do is control the symptoms by reducing the intake of air while feeding. Colicky babies cry, scream, and tend to swallow more air in the process. This becomes a vicious cycle, which can be extremely difficult for both the babies and their parents.

Anti Colic Baby Bottles

One of the most effective solutions for colic is choosing a bottle with anti colic features. These bottles have special valves that prevent the intake of air and thereby reduce the symptoms of colic. Sucking in too much air while feeding is the major cause of gas and pressure in your baby’s tummy. This can be really uncomfortable and painful for the little one. Investing in a good anti colic baby bottle ( BabyBlendyBottles.com/Anti-Colic-Baby-Bottles ) is the best solution to painful colic.

With the advance in science and technology, anti colic bottles are available in a host of varieties. Some of these bottles have an internal venting system, which is present in the collar of the nipple. This allows the air to flow through the vent and out away from the milk. These bottles prevent the formation of air bubbles within the milk and eliminate vacuum in the feeding bottles.

Apart from the straw type venting systems, you can also find vents in the nipples, which prevents air from being sucked in while your baby feeds. These vents release air to the top of the bottle and thereby reduce gas and fussiness. Some anti colic bottles have unique wide necks and nipples with dual vents that prevent intake of air. The air is released back into the bottle while the baby feeds.

Another variety of anti colic bottle is one with air vents at the bottom of the bottle. It keeps air bubbles out of the milk and reduces pressure, thereby eliminating the possibility of colic and gas problems. Most of the anti colic bottles ( https://babyblendybottles.com/blogs/posts ) have silicone nipples that are soft, tasteless, odorless, and colorless.

Colic is also caused when your baby feeds too quickly and therefore it is essential to choose bottles with low flow nipples. Feeding too fast can also lead to an upset stomach. As these bottles have accurate markings, it prevents the possibility of overfeeding which can also cause gas and stomach pain.

Finding the right type of baby bottle is perhaps the first step to fight colic and the second involves using these bottles correctly. Ensure that your baby latches to the bottle properly so that there is no possibility of air entering into your baby’s stomach.