What to Look for When Hiring a Lifecycle Marketing Agency

Finding the right marketing strategy can sometimes be difficult, especially when you want to find one that is effective for not just potential customers, but current and former customers, too. According to a report from Salesforce, only 20% of companies use a marketing strategy that includes customers in every stage of the buying process cycle. This means a lot of marketing costs are being spent ineffectively (often towards new customers, and not current or former.) Customer lifecycle marketing is one of the most effective modern marketing strategies out there today, and if you can effectively employ it, you’ll have a huge advantage over 80% of the market. Hiring a lifecycle marketing agency ( www.drumroll.com/lifecycle-marketing ) that has the knowledge and expertise to mold an effective lifecycle marketing strategy can be just what your company needs to boost growth.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer lifecycle marketing provided by a lifecycle marketing agency is a form of marketing strategy that includes all customers in all stages of the buying process cycle. The buying process cycle includes: awareness, engagement, evaluation, purchase, post-purchase, advocacy. By including customers in all stages, you can build up a relationship with a potential customer long before they even buy your product, planting the seed of information in them that can greatly increase the chance of it blooming into a sale later on. Lifecycle marketing also includes those that have already purchased from your company. This builds up a stronger relationship with customers, ensuring they are happy with your product, while also informing them of other products that are available or even encouraging them to recommend your products to others.

A lifecycle marketing agency is going to ensure that the right messages get to your customer base through the right media. There are a lot of communication channels available, from advertising, promotions, sponsorships, and email to social media. The agency you choose will know that communication avenues work best when they are based on where customers are in the buying process cycle.

Choosing a Lifecycle Marketing Agency

When it gets down to the point of choosing a lifecycle marketing agency, it’s similar to hiring any form of marketing agency, but they are going to be working closely with your own marketing teams, so compatibility is import; it will ensure smooth working relationships.

Criteria to Look For:

Creativity: Creativity in marketing will result in higher returns on investment because a creative marketing strategy at all points in the buyer process cycle will reach customers more effectively, peaking their interest.

Attitude and Chemistry: Since a lifecycle marketing agency will be working with your own marketing teams, they’ll need the right attitude to be compatible with your teams, and they’ll need the right chemistry to work together effectively and efficiently, improving the flow of creativity.

Expertise: The whole reason you are hiring an external lifestyle marketing agency is for their expertise; check references and portfolios to ensure they have the expertise and knowledge to do what they say they can.

Resources: Ensure that the lifestyle marketing agency you hire has the resources available to take you on as a client. They’ll need a team to work with your marketing team, but they will also need the resources and financial stability to keep up a long relationship.

Customer lifecycle marketing is one of the most effective modern marketing strategies available, encompassing all your customer base throughout their entire buying process cycle. It is surprisingly underused, which means hiring a lifecycle marketing agency ( www.drumroll.com/about ) will give you the advantage you need to stand out in the marketplace and allow your company to grow its customer base.