How to Use an Ice Machine for Knees?

An ice machine for the knee is a device to deliver ice therapy (cold therapy) to the knee joint. Ice therapy is an extremely useful remedy for healing knee pain resulting from surgeries and injuries. But it needs to be delivered using methods that are safe and convenient for the patients and their caretakers. An ice machine for knee ( IsoComforter.com/ice-machine-for-knee ) joints offers a secure and efficient medium for delivering ice therapy.

Ice Machine – the Optimal Method to Deliver Ice Therapy

For ice therapy to work effectively on the knee joints, it is essential to use the right ice machine for its delivery. Yes, you can use ice packs on the knees. But it is not the best way to use ice therapy to heal the painful joints.

Ice packs can drip water over incisions; raising your risk of contracting infections. The uneven shape of the ice packs is also not right for the cold temperature to penetrate deep inside the knee joint. Also, it is also not convenient to use the ice packs for multiple times a day for your necessary ice therapy sessions, which can last for 15-20 minutes each.

Ice machines are designed using advanced technologies. For example, IsoComforter ice machines are made using the patented Iso tube technology for the most efficient delivery of ice therapy.

IsoComforter machines also come equipped with healing pads that offer ice therapy from all sides rather than just one. So, the knee joint can heal from all sides; at the same time. IsoComforter healing pads also consist of ridges for the safe delivery of freezing temperatures over the skin. You can use sterilized IsoComforter healing pads over incisions for additional safety cover.

Using the Machine

To use an ice machine for knee ( IsoComforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ), you need to first fill its tank with ice and water. You can then sit in a relaxing position and wrap the healing pad around the knee. Once you switch on the machine, the water will begin to flow to the healing pad.

When you use IsoComforter ice machines, you won’t need to replenish the ice in the tank very often. You can rest and relax while the ice machine works to heal your knee.

You will need to use the machine as per your doctor’s recommendations. The healing sessions are usually of 15-20 durations, and you might need 2-3 such sessions to heal severe knee pain. You can use portable ice machines if you need to administer ice therapy while traveling.

For patients recovering from knee replacement surgeries, ice therapy is helpful for their speedy healing. You can use the ice machine to regain the range of motions in your knee joint sooner than expected. It will then enable you to commence your physical therapy without any delay.

You can also use the ice machine to heal knee pain due to ligament tears and fractures. It is useful for healing knee pain resulting from any kind of trauma to the joint.