Womens Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment – Buy One Fitting to Your Body Type

While shopping womens gym bag with shoe compartment ( livewell360/Womens-Gym-Bag-with-Shoe-Compartment ) online, before going through the product specification, it’s vital for you to know the physical dimension of your body that prevents you from having a worrisome headache, straining neck or lower back pain. In other words, you should be intended to procure women-specific bags because not only do they possess shorter torso length, however, fitted with shoulder straps and heap belts these gym bags can be adjusted according to your body type. Thereby, in order to buy the most suitable size, you are required to measure both your torso length as well as hip size. Here’s an easy-to-follow guideline to derive those physical dimensions, which should be followed before buying a matching one.

Measuring your Torso Length

Take the assistance of your mom, spouse, or a buddy who can help you find those measurements since doing it on your own is hard.

Steps to follow

• Stand straight while keeping your head bent slightly forward. And then, ask your friend or mom to find the bony flange point on your neckline where the shoulders join together. This is also called as 7th cervical or C7 and your torso starts at this point only.

• Put your hands and feel the end of your ribcage on both sides of your body and glide your hand slowly down toward your hip. Now place your thumbs on you hip back and consider an imaginary line across your hips.

• Again, your friend needs to measure the length from the seventh cervical to that imaginary line where you should keep your thumb pointing at that place. This is typically the dimension of your torso length.

Measuring Your Hip Size

Given that, most of a load of your womens gym bag with shoe compartment will put pressure on your hips and will sit on it, the next step for you to measure your hip size. Even though having a backpack fitting to your torso length is less likely not to match your hip size correctly, but it will be the safest choice before you invest in a costly gym bag.

Follow the steps below;

• Put your hands on the hips typically on the organ that is called iliac crest. It is the point where the arched bone of your hip sits on the pelvis.

• Now, get the measuring tape and let it go over the top of the hip line. (Not the beltline which is used to get the waist size of your trouser).

• Write down the detail which you need to follow at the time of choosing your womens gym bag with shoe compartment.


Whichever womens gym bag with shoe compartment ( https://www.livewell360.com/products/ ) you buy, make sure to buy products that come with adjustable straps facilitating you to wear it suitably fitted, regardless of you wear a sweatshirt, casual tee or carry it over a wooly winter coat. Always consider straps that are wide and finished with padding which won’t strain on your shoulders.

Hip Belts

Using hip belts is a consistent choice that takes the strain off your shoulders while making it possible to distribute the entire weight of your gym bag evenly across your body. This will reduce the chance of having back pain and will offer the stability of the load.Womens Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment