CR1 Spousal Visa – The Best Way to Bring Your Foreign Spouse to America

CR1 Spousal Visa

This visa facilitates the incoming of foreign spouses to the USA, and the word CR represents conditional residency. By procuring a CR1 spousal visa ( Ovis.com/visa-services/CR1-Spousal-Visa ), the holder becomes entitled to stay in the country for two years at a continuous stretch; however, there are some attached restrictions for the same. Nevertheless, it is also possible to remove the applied restrictions officially, and for this, the holder will have to apply before three months of the expiry date of the visa. Here, the petitioner will be the American citizen, and the beneficiary will be the foreign spouse. In this manner, he or she can become a Green Card-holder, which will be valid for10 years.

The process of applying for this visa entails quite a few stipulations. Hence, one should be very much vigilant throughout the procedure. It is here, the significance of a specialized immigration and visa service provider pops up. Such an agency can help you to submit the documentation precisely according to the requirement. You will also get sufficient training for attending the interview.

1. Only American citizens or permanent residents in the USA can apply for this visa category. That said, the time required for the Green Cardholders will be a bit more.

2. Only adult individuals can apply for CR1 spousal visa, which means that the applicant must be18+ years of age as per the records.

3. The applicant will have to produce the official records of marriage. Unmarried individuals are not entitled to apply for this visa. In other words, ‘living together’ cases disqualified for applying.

4. There are state laws that stipulate the income requirement, which of course varies from state to state.

5. The total number of family members and the sponsored number is another factor.

CR1 Spousal Visa – Some Points

When you do the related paperwork as it should be, there will not be any delay in getting the visa. It is possible to file the application for this visa even while staying abroad. The form that one should submit as an affidavit is 1-134. The embassy officers will need the original documents for verification. The applicant must prepare for a personal interview. An embassy official will conduct the interview, and the location will be the proximate American embassy. Hence, it will be easy for the individual to reach the venue. The base thing that the official will check will be the authenticity of the applicant. Remember, the time required for the completion of the entailed processes will be about five to ten months. The entire process for obtaining the CR1 spousal visa ( https://www.olvis.com/about-us/why-choose-us/ ) will become easy and error-free if you hire the assistance and professional guidance of an experienced immigration and visa service provider.

Choose an Experienced Visa Service Provider

You must make sure that the agency is experienced and has earned appreciation from the clientele. The customer reviews given on the websites will reflect this. Another point to note is the pricing; it must be reasonable.