Authorized User Tradelines – Its Advantages and Scopes

Becoming an authorized user of a credit card of someone else has been an easy, effective and lawful way ( unless it’s used in a deceptive way) for anyone fighting for fixing his/her poor credit score. While it’s evidently not a long term option to build up your personal credit history, but it may be an efficient way to give a nice boost to the score enabling you to get started once more and recoup your credit history. By paying some fees to companies dealing in reputable authorized user tradelines, the primary holder of the credit card simply adds your name to their credit lines, offering you the authorization to use it. Due to its great benefits, buying tradelines as its authorized user has been a smash hit in the modern credit market.

Major Advantages

Credit Score

Investing in authorized user tradelines ( https://improvemycreditfitness.com/Authorized-User-Tradelines ), mostly a credit card, you inherit the payment history of that card and its details are found on your credit report. If you have a poor or moderate credit history, this will work as a booster and will provide a substantial increase in your credit score. Remember that the three major components of FICO credit score include your payment history, amount of money owing and the duration of your credit history. As an established tradeline (credit account) with good status having a long history with timely payments with no or little debt is added to your account by the primary user of the card, all these positive points turn out to be a part of your credit status while rising your score potentially.

Payment Responsibility

The second advantage of becoming authorized user tradelines is that in no way it makes you obligated for the arrears on the credit card. Basically, you receive the credit card advantage tied to the account, even though won’t have identical privileges enjoyed by the primary cardholder. For instance, as you cannot make any changes in the account, similarly increasing the credit limit of the credit card or adding further AUs won’t work for you. Mind well, that if the primary holder of the account misses making payments, it will show equally on your credit report while decreasing your score. In that case, you can request the tradeline company to get you disconnected from that account.

Access to Credit

Perhaps the biggest advantage of adding you to an authorized user tradeline is it’s an effective and fantastic way to get access to the world of credit, irrespective of you’ve no or bad credit history. Usually, as you become an authorized user, you get a physical credit card having your name embossed on it. As anyone else could say that it’s your own credit card, however, it’s not its own account while you are merely an ‘authorized’ user of the account with limited benefits. However, with this, as you can get a good job ( employers that check credit history), have a good apartment in rentals equally book an air ticket or get a loan with minimum interest and kick start a business of your dream.


While investing in one or more authorized user tradelines ( improvemycreditfitness.com/blog ), research with diligence about the tradeline company and ensure the type of credit cards (Banks) it specializes in. Remember average credit card companies (excepting for global banks like American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Chase, and Capital One, etc) don’t report to the bureaus on authorized users' accounts. Thereby, spending your money on buying a cheap tradeline will be simply of no use.