Why Use Backyard Waterfall Kit for Building Pondless Waterfall?

And like any other water feature, building a pondless waterfall needs putting several components together, which can be done easily with the help of a backyard waterfall kit ( https://russellwatergardens/Backyard-Waterfall-Kit ).

Building a pondless waterfall with the help of a backyard waterfall kit has many benefits. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Hassle-free installation

A backyard waterfall kit consists of a pre-filter, all-in-one pump chamber & water storage tank, and a full back washable waterfall filter that allows you to easily build a waterfall in your garden. You can easily install all the components with the help of a screwdriver. No special tools are required to install the pondless waterfall with the help of a kit. And of course, the help of one person is needed. All-in-one pump chamber water storage tank is easier to install because it requires much smaller excavation than conventional pondless waterfall. Also, it is compatible with both submersible and external waterfall pumps.

Low maintenance cost

Algae are the biggest concern that people have with waterfalls, and it is often the reason for the increase in the cost of maintenance. When you build a waterfall using a backyard waterfall kit, this problem is addressed. Pre-filter and back washable biological waterfall filters are easy to clean. Debris can be simply emptied of the filter basket. Removing debris and processing dissolved organics results in clean and freshwater. And when your waterfall is cleaned properly, it not only feels good but your system lasts long as well. This dramatically lowers the operational cost compared to the low-cost gravel pit and matrix-based pondless waterfall kits.

Easy cleaning

If you are going to build a waterfall in your garden, many people have already warned you about the hassle of collecting the debris by hand and the terrible smell of algae. Well, waterfalls built with a backyard waterfall kit eliminate this problem and easy to clean. Waterfall kit includes a pre-filter so you can easily remove leaves, tree needles, blossoms, weed, tree seeds, mulch, lawn clippings, bird feathers, worms, insects, and all windblown debris. Each kit also includes back washable biological waterfall filter to process dissolved organics, such as dust, pollen, phosphates, bird waste, acid rain, and other dissolved organics. Most of the cleaning is automatic, and these filters are easy to clean.

Design freedom

Backyard waterfall kits ( https://russellwatergardens.com/pages/about-us ) also provide you more design freedom. Modern pondless waterfall systems are modular. You have complete control over the design of where you can place your pump and water storage tank for your backyard waterfall. With modern backyard waterfall systems, you no longer are forced to have a pump and water storage at the base of your pondless waterfall. All-in-one pump chamber with water storage tank gives you the complete freedom of design for your pondless waterfall.

So these are four key advantages of using a backyard waterfall kit for building pondless waterfall.